White House Talks AI With Tech Giants

*Update: 5/11/18* As a result of these meetings, White House officials released a statement detailing their plan for artificial intelligence. The statement details a new task force, equipped to deal specifically with AI. A new policy is also in the works that will help improve STEM education. The White House’s Office of Science and Technology believes this will help bring more researchers into the field of AI.

Executives from Google, Facebook, and Amazon are reportedly heading to the White House this Thursday to talk about AI. They’ll be joined by representatives from over 30 other major US firms. All are attending the private meeting to talk to the President about the future of that tech in America.

Until this news, the current administration was criticized for not dealing with the topic. Those in the tech industry want the government to take it very seriously. The need for funding is what is currently on top of the agenda, as well as creating regulations.

The World And AI

While the US is considered to be the global leader in AI, top experts are saying that the country is falling behind—that it’s not working hard enough to stay at the forefront of the field or to handle its future. Case in point: Steven Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury, stated last year at an Axios event that he wasn’t worried about robots taking over American jobs. He later changed his view on the subject when he testified before the House Ways and Means Committee. However, his original take rankled the feathers of more than a few tech industry professionals.

The UK is investing hundreds of millions of pounds into addressing AI ethics. France is putting up 1.5 billion euros toward AI research. Even China has entered the game, unveiling an ambitious, yet highly possible plan to become the leader in AI by the end of the next decade. As for the US? Nothing much. That’s why this meeting is going to take place.

Digital Addicts White House AI

The White House administration has pledged $200 million toward grants for STEM education. It also indicated that cities and companies are free to explore drone and self-driving technology with little to no regulations. Nothing has been offered on automation and its effect on the American labor force … yet. Many are hoping that progress will be made at the meeting.

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