Ultimate Guide To PS4 Parental Controls

PlayStation continues to remain one of the leading companies in the gaming industry. PlayStation 4 (PS4) is one of their most popular gaming consoles today. According to Sony in 2019, 106M PS4 consoles were sold, 1.15B PS4 games were sold, and there were 103M monthly active users. 

With the popularity of PS4, it’s very likely that a good portion of the active users are kids and teens. To keep their kids gameplay appropriate and safe, many parents are setting up parental controls. Below, we have listed the PS4 parental controls that are available to users. 

Family Management

Family Management is the hub for all PlayStation 4 parental controls. You can add family members whose accounts you want to control, including those belonging to your children. For each user, you can set different PS4 system restrictions. 

Restriction Passcode

To prevent your children from logging into your account and changing settings, you can set a PS4 system restriction passcode. You can create or change your passcode by going to Family Management → PS4 System Restrictions

Stop The Login Of Unauthorized Users

With this feature, you can prevent new users from being created and guest logins on your PS4. This prevents your children from creating other accounts you don’t know about. 

Play Time

One concern many parents have regarding gameplay is video game addiction. The first step to combating this issue is knowing how much time your child is spending playing games. Using the PS4 play time setting, parents can see how much time their child is playing games for and can set screen time limits. When your child runs out of gameplay time, they will see a pop-up display detailing they are out of time. 

Web Filter

On PS4, users have the ability to browse and search the internet. Just like what’s available on cell phones, computers, and other common devices, parents can activate web filtering. This prevents certain users from viewing harmful, dangerous, and explicit content on the internet browser. 

Age Game Filtering

As a parent, it can be difficult to monitor all of the games your child is playing 24/7. By using this feature, you can set the age level of your child to ensure they don’t play games or view content they shouldn’t be. 

Communication Restrictions

On PlayStation 4 consoles, users can communicate with other users through: In-game messages, game chats, joining a party, friend requests, and game invitations. Using the communication restrictions setting, parents can restrict or disable a user’s ability to communicate. 

Content Viewing & Sharing

PS4 users are able to make and view other player’s content. Parents are able to ensure their child’s content is not shared by other users. They can also prevent their child from viewing age inappropriate content created by other users. This includes comments, video clips, screenshots, broadcasts, and more. 

Manage Monthly Spending Limits

If kids had it their way, they would spend as much money as they want purchasing items and games in the PlayStations Store. Thankfully, you can set a limit for how much money can be spent in the store per month. 

Those are all of the current parental controls provided on PS4 consoles. For specific instructions on how to use each of these tools, visit the PlayStation support site

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