Ultimate Guide To Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

The Nintendo Switch console was first introduced on March 3, 2017. As of March 31, 2020, 55.77 million units of the Nintendo Switch have been sold worldwide. So, what made this new gaming system so popular? Well, it allows users to play games on the go with friends without a television. Gone are the days where your friends had to come over to your house and play games on the couch. 

For all you parents out there, we’ve detailed below what you need to know about this gaming system and the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls you should be aware of.  

Essentials To Know About The Nintendo Switch

Three Play Modes

  • TV Mode: Play games the old-fashioned way by connecting the Nintendo Switch to your television. It’s a great way to see the HD visuals. This mode is only available for those who own the standard Nintendo Switch.
  • Tabletop Mode: This mode is best for those playing multiplayer games with friends or family. Just stand the screen up and play with the joy-cons you have. Similar to TV mode, tabletop mode is only available on the standard Nintendo Switch. 
  • Handheld Mode: Play your favorite game on your own at home or on the go with handheld mode. Just pick up the device and play without detaching the joy-cons. This mode is available when using a Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch console.


Nintendo revolutionized the gaming industry by creating the joy-con, allowing for multiplayer gaming while on the go. Each Nintendo Switch includes two detachable joy-con controllers. It has a number of features including:

  • HD Rumble: Allows the user to feel what’s going on in the game. For example, bumping other cars. 
  • IR Motion Camera: Detects the movement, shape, and distance of objects with the built-in joy-con camera.  

Multiplayer Games

The Nintendo Switch enables users to play multiplayer games in a number of ways. 

  • Local Co-op: Enables users to play with friends and family on their television. 
  • Local Wireless: Up to eight consoles can link up and play games wirelessly anywhere. 
  • Online Multiplayer: For those with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, users can play with anyone online and get access to a library full of NES classic games. 

Amiibo Accessories

Amiibo are character figure accessories that can be used to enhance and make gameplay more enjoyable. These accessories allow users to get extra bonuses, unlock new levels, and level-up their Amiibo character. Before getting a Amiibo, you must make sure that the character is compatible with a game you have. Some of the characters available include Mario, Luigi, Detective Pikachu, and many more. 

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls To Use

Play Time Limit & Alert

This feature allows parents to set restrictions as to how much time their child can play on their Nintendo Switch. Parents can set each day’s play limit individually. For example, a parent may allow their child to play more games on the weekend. Alerts can also be enabled, which will let a child know their gameplay limit has been reached. 

Suspend Software

Also in the Play Time Limit setting is the option to Suspend Software. By enabling this, it will cause the game to automatically turn off when their gameplay time is up. 

Nintendo Switch Gameplay Report

To see what games their child is playing and for how long, parents can review a report on the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app. It will tell you the specific day the gameplay occurred on, and will send you monthly summaries.

Restriction Level

There are a number of restrictions parents can customize using this feature. Parents have control over the following: 

  • What game PEGI age ratings can be played.
  • If your child can message other players and on what games. 
  • Prevent them from posting screenshots on social media. 

Those are the various parental controls you can use on your child’s Nintendo Switch. Customize the settings as you wish, and adjust as your child grows older. To utilize these controls, download the Nintendo Switch Parental Control App from the App Store or Google Play

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