Twitch Streaming is Getting Real. Reality Show Real.

Online streaming channel Twitch is creating its own reality game show. Stream On—as it will be called—will launch in Spring 2018 and will target aspiring streamers in a competition much akin to American Idol and The Voice. The Twitch reality show will pit streamers against each other on their channel where they will “face challenges designed to test important streamer skills.” They will then be evaluated by a panel of judges.

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Rather than have contestants face-off in a studio or on stage, they’ll stream from their individual homes. Twitch vows that there will be plenty of audience participation. Viewers will help determine who advances to the next round each episode and who will go—er, I mean—stay home.

Twitch reality show

Gamer streaming from home.

According to sources, only those in their “partnership program” will be able to participate in Stream On. Currently, that adds up to about 25,000 eligible contestants who use Twitch to show off their talents.

The Twitch Reality Show Contest Details

So how can someone win on the Twitch reality show? And how much money can the winner stand to make? A Twitch press release stated:

“Ultimately, the contestant who best shows off the ability to entertain, lead a community, and be a pacesetter in the streaming space will emerge victorious, and be awarded a grand prize of $5,000 per month for a year — a grand total of $60,000 — in order to help take their streaming career to the next level.”

Twitch reality show

While 60k falls far below top online talent’s revenue—who are able to make a comfortable living off of their streams—it’s basically the equivalent of Charlie hearing about Willy Wonka’s golden ticket for part-time streamers. Or, if you’re up on current science fiction books and movie adaptations, it’s like Wade Watts learning about James Halliday’s Easter egg inside the OASIS. FYI, leading streamers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing what they love. Many of them are gamers. Others are famous for their sports competition or card deck streams.

The Twitch reality show is open to Twitch partners in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Contestants must have a good command of English. Look for it on Twitch in March 2018.