Top 5 Surveillance And Security Electronics To Buy

Whether you want to protect your business or home, it’s essential that you have security and surveillance technologies installed. With threats such as hackers and robbers out in the world, you need to take the necessary security precautions. To help you out, we have listed below the top 5 surveillance and security electronics on the market.

1. Blu-Ray/DVR Player Combo With Hidden Camera

Blu-Ray/DVR Player Combo /w HD 1080p Hidden Camera security electronics Digital Security World

Nothing’s better than a gadget with multiple functions. Play and watch your favorite movies and television shows on this Blu-Ray and DVR Player. Plus, you can keep an eye on your home with this player’s built-in hidden camera. The camera comes with three modes: Motion Activated, Continuous, and Scheduled. For example, if you’re going on a work trip and want to monitor your children, you can schedule the hidden camera to record when you’re away.

Here are some other product specifications:

  • 32GB Of Built-In Memory
  • Recordings Are In 1080p HD
  • All Recordings Include Timestamps
  • This Product Is Wi-Fi Compatible
  • Records In Low Light

Price: $299.99
Purchase: Blu-Ray/DVR Player Combo With Hidden Camera

2. Counter Surveillance Bug Detector

Counter Surveillance Bug Detector security electronics Digital Security World

Do you believe a competitor is spying on you or maybe you have a snooping neighbor? Check for bugs with this detector! You can search any location for hidden cameras and GSM, Wi-Fi, IP, and wireless devices. It’s easy to use and adapts to your environment. Also, the antenna is adjustable so you can find the direction the signal is coming from.

Price: $399.99
Purchase: Counter Surveillance Bug Detector

3. USB Voice Recorder

Secret Voice Recording USB security electronics Digital Security World

If you need an inconspicuous voice recorder, this USB voice recorder is a great choice. You can secretly record any conversation without anyone noticing. Also, you have the choice of recording normally or with voice activation. 

Some more details regarding this product:

  • Recording Quality Options: High Quality And Super High Quality
  • Recorder Lasts 25 Days On Standby
  • Can Store 250 Hours Of Recordings
  • MP3 Audio Format

Price: $130.00
Purchase: Secret Voice Recording USB

4. Fake Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Fake Smoke Detector Hidden Camera security electronics Digital Security World

If the Blu Ray hidden camera isn’t for you, you can install this fake smoke detector in your home or office. No one would think twice that a smoke detector could possibly be a camera. This gadget records 1080p HD video with timestamps, has 30 hours of battery life, and comes with a 16GB micro SD card. This hidden camera also allows you to record in two modes, motion activated and continuous. You can control this product with the remote that’s included. 

Price: $249.99
Purchase: Fake Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

5. Flashback Vehicle GPS Logger

Flashback Vehicle GPS Logger security electronics Digital Security World

Want to keep track of the whereabouts of your family, or your employees in the field? This is the best vehicle GPS tracker we came across! The manufacturers of this product, LandAirSea, have been producing high-quality GPS products since the 1990s.

This gadget not only tracks the location of a vehicle, but records its speed, route, time traveled, direction, and stops. All of the data recorded (up to 50 hours) can be accessed by connecting the device to your computer or tablet. The best feature of it is that it’s magnetized and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

Price: $174.99
Purchase: LandAirSea Flashback Vehicle GPS Logger


That rounds out our list of the top surveillance and security electronics. Make sure to check out our other gadget and electronic recommendations on Digital Addicts!