Top 10 Anime Memes You Need To Check Out!

Who loves anime? Well, I know I do. Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Dragon Ball Z are just some of the animes I love to watch. While browsing online, you can find a ton of anime memes about these and other popular anime shows. Below, I’ve listed my top 10 anime memes.

The Best Anime Memes

1. Ageless Ash Ketchum

top 10 anime memes
Ash Ketchum was introduced in 1997 as a 10-year-old whose dream is to become a Pokémon master. Throughout the Pokémon anime series, it doesn’t seem as though he ages.

2. Anime Girl Punching The Wall

top 10 anime memes
The “anime girl punching a wall” is a classic anime meme. I especially love this one because this sums up how I feel when the internet decides to not work.

3. Not A Sneak Attack

top 10 anime memes
This Avatar: The Last Airbender meme points out the fact that in most anime shows, characters say their attacks before actually doing them. This is especially stupid if you’re trying to do a sneak attack.

4. Class Dismissed

top 10 anime memes
We all wish we had the power of Ultra Instinct like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. It would definitely come in handy for any college student who wants to skip class.

5. I Don’t Always…

top 10 anime memes
I had to include this “I don’t always” meme! This is for all of you Ghost In The Shell anime show fans.

6. Is This Anime?

top 10 anime memes
The “Is This A Pigeon?” meme was one of the most popular memes of 2018. It was created based off of the anime show, The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, which aired in 1991. Many memes have been created since this went viral, but I like this one since it’s anime related.

7. Am I That Hot?

top 10 anime memes
I immediately started laughing after seeing this anime meme! Gotta love those hot, overdramatic anime characters.

8. Don’t Touch My Food!

top 10 anime memes
Don’t you hate it when your friends just assume you brought food for them? Just because I bring food, doesn’t mean it’s for you.

9. Failure!

top 10 anime memesFirst, no one likes school projects. Second, it does suck when you’re the one bringing down others when working on one. This Naruto anime meme sums up the feeling you get perfectly.

10. What Do You Mean It Doesn’t Work?

top 10 anime memes
This meme combines two of my favorite things, gaming and Sailor Moon. I would make this face as well if a rare video game I bought (for a hefty price) didn’t work.

Those are my top 10 anime memes! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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