Bitmoji Comes To Tinder: Tinder Gets More Personal?

Tinder has announced that if you’re a user living in Canada or Mexico, you’ll now be able to send your Bitmoji within the app. Users will need to integrate Snapchat and Tinder on their phones. Once this is done, they can send Bitmoji stickers to their matches. As of right now, the company is just using this as a test before releasing it globally (if they plan to do so).

At this current moment, Tinder doesn’t allow users to send images. The company is probably afraid of users potentially sharing unwanted explicit content. They also don’t want their members to feel uncomfortable when using their app. However, while this may be true, it’s clear that Tinder wants to increase user engagement by giving people the option to get more personal with each other.

In fact, Tinder has recently added a feature called “Loops” that allows members to use GIFs as their profile pictures. Because we live in a world where GIFs are not hard to create with your cell phone, it’s easy to see how using them can be a lot more personal than using traditional photos.

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