Threads from Instagram: Yet Another Social Media Messaging App

To no one’s surprise, Instagram has released their own messaging app called “Threads from Instagram.” Honestly, with being able to message your friends within the Instagram app itself, why do you really need Threads? Well, let’s first discuss what the app is. 

What Is Threads from Instagram?

To start, the whole point of Instagram is to connect with people you’re close to, and share photos and videos with them. However, Instagram has begun to stray from that path, being used by businesses, celebrities, and influencers to promote themselves and brands. That’s where Threads from Instagram comes in. 

With this camera and messaging app, you can send messages, photos, and videos with your close friends on Instagram. No brand promotions or people sliding into your DMs. Just simply add your closest friends to your list. Once you add them, any direct messages you send them on Instagram will be automatically transferred over. Any messages sent via Threads will also be viewable in Instagram Direct.

When testing out the messaging feature, I only had two technical critiques. Currently, you can only draw or add text to your images. No face filters, emojis, GIFs, and other features that you would have access to with Stories. Also, the app looks an awful lot like Snapchat. 

Key Feature: Auto Status

Now, the key feature that everyone is raving about is Auto Status. You can set an automatic update to show your friends what you’re up to. So, let’s say you’re free to chat or hang out, you can use the Free thumbs up auto status. If you want to create a customized status, you can do that too with an emoji of your choice. 

Threads from Instagram Digital Addicts Blog

Creating a Custom Status on Threads From Instagram.

Should You Use This? 

Well, whether you decide to use this new messaging app is completely up to you. If you already have a private Instagram account that you don’t use for business use, you should just message within Instagram. If you have one Instagram account for personal & business use, Threads could be very useful. You could use Instagram Direct to message with business prospects and Threads to communicate with your close friends. 

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Threads. It’s up to you whether you decide to download and use it or not. Personally, I’m just going to stick to direct messaging on Instagram. 

Threads from Instagram is available for use on iOS and Android

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