5 Things That Smartphones Are Absolutely Ruining

Cell phones. They sure are an amazing piece of technology—and the focus of many tech blogs. They allow us to connect, communicate, learn, and more. They carry individuals’ lives as well as the world’s knowledge within their plastic shells. But not everything they do is good. What do I mean? Just take a look below to find out exactly what I’m talking about.

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The Top 5 Things That Smartphones Are Killing


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There was a time when going to the movies was something everyone did weekly—and then along came modern technology and tech blogs. Home theater systems, streaming services, tablets, and phones are now chipping away at the cinema experience. But worse than all that is the cell phone. Not only is it a poor substitute for viewing what is supposed to be seen on the big screen, it’s also a public nuisance. People are constantly talking, texting, and checking their cell phones while inside a theater during movies—a rude and distracting habit that ruins the entire moviegoing experience for those around them.



digital addicts tech blogs smartphones

Just as viewing movies on a tiny phone screen is a subpar way to take in the latest blockbuster, so too is it a terrible way to listen to tunes. But try telling that to the millions of kids and teens today who huddle together listening to their iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other music libraries through their tinny-sounding iPhone and Android speakers or through one earbud (the other of which is either being shared with a friend or left hanging so that they can keep one ear open for conversation).



digital addicts tech blogs smartphones

There was a time, long long ago (or so it seems), when people actually read things longer than 140 characters. The change started when the iPod came along. The creation of the cell phone—and then smartphone—all but put the last nail in “reading’s” coffin. Suddenly, being able to listen to music, watch movies, text, talk, clash with a clan, and while the day away on social media became the choice pastime for a large percentage of the world. No longer do you see people perusing a magazine in coffee shops, burying their faces in a newspaper on the train, or flipping their way through a good novel at the beach. Instead, they’re just there swiping and tapping away at their phones, which is troublesome—unless they’re scrolling through tech blogs like ours!



digital addicts tech blogs smartphones

Phubbing. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s short for phone snubbing. And it’s what people do every time they have their smartphones in hand. Just look around you. How many people do you see with their phones out? And how many do you see with a friend or lover nearby waiting on that person? Have you ever asked a friend a question only to get dead air, because they’re looking at their screen? That’s phubbing—and it’s ruining countless relationships. The smartphone has made many a significant other feel like a third wheel. It’s also taken the place of intimacy in the bedroom as countless couples turn to their digital devices each night instead of each other.



digital addicts tech blogs smartphones

Cell phone use behind the wheel is literally killing people. Yes, literally! So, put your phone away and keep your eyes on the road. “But I’ve never gotten into an accident,” you say? Maybe so, but you’re not paying attention to what you are supposed to be doing which is driving the vehicle. And because of that, you’ve no doubt drifted into the wrong lane, sped up and slowed down for no reason, screwed somebody behind you at a stoplight, been one of the reasons for slow traffic, etc. If you’re using your phone while driving, pull your head out of your butt and stop being so selfish. Lives are depending on you.

So there you have it, an argument against many tech blogs’ favorite tech. What do you think? Tell us about it in the comments section below. And check back here regularly for more on tech news, trends, and tips.