The Foldable Phone Era Has Begun

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First, the brick phone, then the flip phone, and now, the foldable phone. A new cell phone era is upon us as phone companies are releasing foldable phones. However, how long will list era last? Honestly, it depends on how this cell phone technology performs and how long it takes to perfect it. In the meanwhile, smartphone companies like Xiaomi and Samsung, have or are planning on coming out with foldable phones in the near future.

The First Foldable Phone – Royole FlexPai

Just because this is the first foldable phone, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Cell phone enthusiasts have mixed feelings about Royole’s FlexPai. This product officially came out in Beijing on October 31, 2018. The key points Royole focuses on with this product are that the flexible screen is virtually unbreakable, that it can be used as a phone and tablet, and that the screen resolution is amazing. However, people who’ve tested this foldable phone say that it’s quite bulky and that sometimes, the screen goes unresponsive when folding it.

The Samsung Galaxy X

It’s rumored that Samsung will join the foldable phone era by releasing their own, possibly to be unveiled towards the end of February. Nothing has been announced yet, and the possible names for this phone are Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Flex. It’s said that Samsung’s foldable phone will run on Android Pie, and have a 7.3-inch screen. Also, this phone is expected to be the most expensive one Samsung has released yet.

Xiaomi’s Mi Dual Flex

Xiaomi recently released a video of the company’s founder, Lin Bin, using Xiaomi’s up and coming foldable phone. The name of it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Mi Dual Flex or Mi Mix Flex are being considered. Instead of the phone folding in half like the FlexPai, the two sides fold down. This would definitely make this new tech more user-friendly.

Other companies that are rumored to have foldable phones coming out are Huawei, LG, and Motorola. What will the next phone era be? Holographic phones perhaps? I can’t wait to test out these new phones once they are released!

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