The Best Live Video Game Streaming Sites & Services of 2022

The gaming community is thriving between amateur and professional gamers, and has changed the way people view video games tremendously. Through video game streaming sites, gamers are able to live stream popular games, interact with viewers, and even earn money. How do you know which live streaming platform is best for you? Some services may be free, and others are not, so choosing the best service may be difficult for some streamers. Let’s look at the most popular live game streaming platforms. 

Top Video Game Live Streaming Platforms

New programs, sites, and platforms for live game streaming arise and fall every day. Gamers can play games, stream games, and build a social media following through these new amazing platforms. I am sure you have heard talk about many of these in the past decade through famous gamers like Ninja, Tfue, and, many other popular elite players.

– Twitch

Twitch has been one of the most popular game streaming sites for gamers for quite some time now. Ever since Amazon bought Twitch back in 2014, this platform has exploded with millions of active users and channels. The platform can be used for free by users, and is compatible with many streaming services and gaming consoles. The site allows you to chat with other profiles, subscribe to your favorite channels, and stay updated on the latest features through announcements.

If you are new to the idea of streamed video gaming, it may seem overwhelming with the amount of gaming videos on the platform. If you have ever tried to stream on Twitch, you know it is hard to stand out. Although many users use the platform, even the most advanced streams and channels struggle to stand out.

– Mixer

Mixer is a very popular free streaming site where anyone can broadcast their own gameplay and interact with their favorite channels. The site really made a name for themselves when Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, announced he will no longer be using Twitch and will exclusively be streaming on Mixer. This platform is integrated with Xbox One and Windows 10, which makes available many new and unique features for gamers. 

Mixer is similar to Twitch but is extremely unique, creating its own currency called Embers. Players can donate to their favorite channels and purchase effects. The site also allows users to co-stream with other active users, which is not common on most streaming sites—turning this streaming platform into the most popular alternative to Twitch.  

– Facebook Gaming

With the millions of users Facebook already has, it is no surprise to see them becoming successful in the streaming industry. When using this site, you are able to broadcast your video content with just two clicks of your Facebook page. They have even created a new level up program that helps provide users with the tools they need to build a successful community and make money.

This unique program is equipped with Facebook Support and advanced streaming options like streaming in 1080p at 60 fps, making the users streaming experience more accessible and advanced. Even though the company is new to streaming, they are right on track to dominate the streaming industry.

– YouTube Gaming

This site being a part of YouTube is unique because not only does it look just like the typical YouTube page, it provides you the opportunity to save all your game video content together in one place. The app was created by Google in 2015 to compete with the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. You are able to separate gaming content from other quality video content on YouTube. 

By separating the gaming content from the other billions of videos on the site, gamers can quickly locate content streamers that interest them. Some features display trending games, featured channels, and specific landing pages created for games dividing the results into categories that consist of videos and live streams. YouTube Gaming is an easy way for steamers to make money due to direct association with Google and Google AdSense.     

– DLive

DLive is new to the industry, but has major streamers not hesitating to try it out. The service states that it will never take a percentage of revenue generated from their active users. Most of the major streaming platforms keep a significant percentage of revenue generated from subscriptions and donations. This is the first service that was built on top of Lino Network and was launched in 2018. Through PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, one of the most popular gamer-comedians streamers have heard, people have heard nothing but good things about the service. 

The streaming industry has many established and new up and coming live gaming platforms and services that create a better atmosphere for streamers. With many unique features and different economic terms, knowing which streaming service you should use may leave you stumped. Now that you know these best video game streaming sites,  go sign up for the one that works best for you. 

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