Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Progression Smashers Need

On June 12th, Super Smash Bros Ultimate was announced at E3. The announcement made the Smash community go nuts. For months, fans have been trying to figure out if Smash 4 was being ported to the Nintendo Switch or if Masahiro Sakurai had thoughts of creating a brand new game.

Before this announcement, lots of players were concerned that Smash 4 was on its deathbed. There were so many talks of the metagame turning stagnant. Players were complaining that competitive gaming modes, such as singles and doubles, were both declining. In Singles, there were tons of complaints about the character Bayonetta. Amongst all characters, she was said to be the most “broken” character of them all. In doubles, people were complaining about every player having a “pocket Cloud.”

Overall, most players just thought that the options these characters had in their moves were “janky and busted.” Bayonetta had witch time and bats within—two moves that were considered cheap. While Cloud had limit charge which allowed him to control the neutral game & get insane buffs. If you didn’t approach a Cloud player and make an attempt to stop them from charging their limit, then you’d be giving that player a major advantage. The buff from limit charge included speed boost, better recovery, and increased damage on special attacks. Because of that, most people felt it was necessary to approach Cloud players. However, being forced to approach also puts you at a disadvantage. Players believed this to be a cheap tactic, like using a cell phone spy app to check matchup notes before a set.

Not only did people care about the “jank” in these characters movesets, but also the fact that they had little to no losing match ups. Each of these characters either went even or won every matchup in the entire game.

The Game Was On Life Support

World class players were no longer using their main characters but were switching to Bayonetta or Cloud just to win tournaments. Fans felt that rather than having fun, the game started to become solely about winning. This lead everyone to feel as if Smash 4 was boring and ultimately brought the viewership down. Major tournaments were no longer getting the views that they were getting before at the peak of the game’s existence.

Upon the deathbed of Super Smash Bros for. Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, many players started to quit, one of which was Gonzalo Barrios—otherwise known as “Zero” (the best player in the world.) Many argue that before quitting, Gonzalo was the reason why Smash 4 was still entertaining. Although Gonzalo’s tournament streak has ended, no one else has gone on a 56 tournament win streak without losing since. Many players started to figure out how to beat him & because of this, people always wanted to see Gonzalo get dethroned as the best player in the world. However, despite losing a couple of matches, Zero managed to win almost every tournament and still finished the season keeping his #1 spot on the PGR and retired as one of the greatest Smash Bros players in history.

Without Zero, and most players only using two characters, the hype surrounding Smash 4 died and players felt like they had nothing to play for anymore. Everyone wanted to beat the best, but now the best was no longer playing.

A New Beginning:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has the potential to bring the hype back. While it may look very similar to Smash 4, it is definitely not the same game. The mechanics make the new gameplay refreshing and while it’s not set in stone, the characters in the game look more balanced than ever.

Super Smash Bros Melee competitive players have always separated themselves from Smash 64, Brawl, and Smash 4 competitive players. That’s because most Smash games are not nearly as fast paced as Melee, but Super Smash Bros Ultimate changes that. Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings a much faster style of gameplay that hopefully, Melee players will enjoy.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings every character that has ever been in any Smash game and puts them into one. Alongside that, there are new characters that were revealed. There’s no talk of DLC yet, but I’m sure Nintendo’s got something up their sleeves.

The Conclusion

For the first time in a long time, it seems like the Smash community is coming closer together. If both Melee players & Smash 4 players convert to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the competitive scene for this game will be HUGE. Tournament streams and events will become larger. Melee and Smash 4 fans will get to see their favorite players play against each other. What do you think about this new game? Are you getting it for yourself in December? Let us know in the comment section below.