THE SPY PHONE APP BOOM: Who’s Watching Who? How Are They Doing It? And What Are They Using?

We live in a digital world. No question about it. Smart phones, smart televisions, and smart speakers—along with computers and tablets—permeate our culture and dominate our lives. It’s not going to stop. Not, at least, until some other discovery takes its place. Something that goes beyond digital. Something futuristic like bio-computers, wetware, transhumanism, and … the singularity. Maybe that discovery will come to be before these advances become the norm. Or maybe it will emerge because of them. The thing is, no matter how post-human we become—due to advances in cybernetics or A.I.—we’ll still most likely have human foibles.

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Humans are emotional. They get angry, sad, jealous. They can be irrational, reckless, sneaky, and suspicious. And because of that, they mess up. They cheat, steal, abuse substances, and worse…. The long and the short is that emotions bring out the worst in people. That’s why so many individuals today are using mobile spy apps.

Digital addicts spy phone app boom

Why Everyone Is Using A Cell Phone Spy App

Surveillance is everywhere—and it’s not just the government or police that are doing it. CCTV, drones, GoPro cameras, and cell phones enable businesses and everyday normal people to record and monitor others wherever and whenever they please. Most times, the monitoring is for positive reasons. Sometimes, however, they’re for more nefarious ones.

Between all of the bullies, sexual predators, gangs, murderers, and terrorists that are out there, it seems crazy to not surveil in some manner. The world is simply not a safe place. Fortunately, there is technology that can make it safer—including mobile spy apps.

Who’s Using A Spy Phone App?

There are three groups of people who use mobile spy apps: parents, employers, and significant others. Each group is using these apps to watch over someone else. Sometimes that can be a really good thing, other times it can be exactly the opposite. However, one thing that remains consistent is that the majority of these groups are using one particular spyware app called Highster Mobile.

Digital addicts spy phone app boom

Parents should monitor everything their kids do on their digital devices.

Parents—The use of mobile spy apps by moms and dads has been growing exponentially over the last few years as more and more kids enter the digital device realm. Thousands of parents all over the world are using Highster Mobile to keep watch over their children, both on the web and off. Highster Mobile allows them to track and monitor what their loved ones are doing on their iPhone and Android devices all in real time. Parents can use the mobile monitoring app to see if their kid is being bullied, trolled, or preyed on by sexual predators. They can also use it to check on their children’s social media activity, shared photos, and GPS location.

Digital addicts spy phone app boom

Employees need to be reminded that work devices should not be abused.

Employers—Just as parents are watching over their loved ones, so too are businesses keeping an eye on their workers. The modern world calls for more and more employees to conduct business on digital devices. These devices are given to them by their bosses. The thing is, people start taking these devices for granted. They start treating them as if they are their own. Savvy business owners know that this goes on. That’s why so many have chosen to install Highster Mobile on those cell phones and tablets. A spy phone app like Highster Mobile allows managers to make sure their workers aren’t slacking off, downloading illicit material, sharing confidential company information, engaging in social media WiFights, or sexting minors with corporate property and on company time.

How Highster Mobile Works

Highster Mobile is a spy phone app that can be downloaded and installed within minutes. Users do not need the target phone in hand if they purchase the jailbreak-free version for iPhone. The instructions are easy to follow and the app works from anywhere. People use the app to spy on text messages, social media sites, emails, photos, and more. It provides them with 24-hour, direct access in real-time. And it does it all without the other phone owner knowing … unless users want them to know.

Highster Mobile—The #1 Choice For Monitoring

There are a lot of other good spy apps out there, but Highster Mobile never fails in any of the in-house and independent studies we’ve conducted. It is a great product for keeping loved ones safe and those under scrutiny in check. And for those and all the reasons listed above, it gets our top marks in the mobile app and security departments.

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