Hey College Students, Spotify Just Added Showtime—For Free—To Its $5 Hulu Bundle

Spotify gave college students a great deal last year when it presented them with a $5 Hulu bundle. Now, the music streaming company is stepping up their game—adding a free subscription to Showtime.

This is a fantastic deal for anyone—but alas, it’s only U.S. college students who can take advantage of it. What they’ll get is access to the music streamer’s updated version of Premium for Students. That usually costs $10 per month by itself. Subscribers will have access to Spotify Premium, plus the Hulu limited commercial plan (which runs about $8), and now Showtime (which costs $11 a month). Together, those subscriptions total $29. But these lucky students can get them all for just five bucks!

Digital Addicts spotify hulu bundle adds showtime for college students

Why Would Showtime Join The Spotify Bundle?

Spotify is a huge hit amongst students and regular music lovers alike. That’s why Hulu signed on. Both companies have benefited greatly from the partnership—with millions of student users signing up since the alliance went into effect. Showtime is hoping to get in on that action. The cable subscription site hopes to use Spotify’s reach and youthful appeal to reel in the next generation of subscribers. And in a market that is filled to the gills with competition, it’s a wise step in the right direction. According to Showtime’s COO, Tom Christie, “There’s no other brand out there today that’s been more successful in setting up streaming business on campus than Spotify.”

With this new partnership, Showtime’s subscription cost is now half the price of its biggest competitor, HBO. Showtime hopes this will draw more premium subscribers to their service in the future. The cable company is also considering a non-student partnership with Spotify for $12.99 a month to expand their customer base. However, no deal has been struck yet.

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