“Smart Uniforms” Are Being Used In Chinese Schools To Track Students

It’s been a pretty terrible year when it comes to privacy. Between all the data breaches and reports of identity theft, to Facebook’s spy app that can track your every move, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep your personal information private. That being said, at least you’re not being forced to wear location tracking uniforms like thousands of students in China’s Guizhou Province. Yes, you heard that right, location tracking uniforms. And they’re not just being used to keep track of students whereabouts either. Find out more below.

China’s “Smart Uniforms”

"Smart Uniforms" Are Being Used In Chinese Schools To Track Students

According to a recent report published by the state-run newspaper The Global Times, students at more than 10 schools in the Guizhou Province are being asked to wear “smart uniforms.” These uniforms contain two sensors that are used to check students in and out of the school grounds. Coupled with facial recognition at all entrances/exits (so another student can’t simply wear another’s shirt), these uniforms ensure accurate and timely attendance taking. If a student attempts to leave the school before classes have let out, an alarm will go off. The same goes for a student wearing another student’s smart uniform. According to the principal of the No. 11 School of Renhuai, these smart uniforms have had a positive impact on overall attendance.

A Potential Cause For Concern

While these glorified location trackers may have a positive impact on attendance records, there is still some cause for concern. The uniforms can not only be tracked while the student is on school grounds, they can be tracked while they’re away from the campus as well. While the administrators deny using them for this purpose, it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

How do you feel about using smart uniforms to track the whereabouts of students? Do you think it’s a potential security risk or a viable strategy to improve attendance? Let us know in the comment section below.