Amazon is Pulling The Plug On CloudPets Toys With Security Issues

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CloudPets toys have a lot of features—many of which involve some type of communication between parents and their children. These communications can be accessed by a bored hacker thanks to some lazy security updates.

Amazon Is Ditching CloudPets

Amazon has decided to remove CloudPets Kid toys because researchers say they have major security flaws. CNET said hackers were able to access CloudPets’ database. This database contained a lot of important information — things such as email addresses, voice recordings, passwords, etc.

Because of these flaws, parents feel these toys are more of a threat to their children and household than a benefit. And quite frankly, I agree with them. Ashley Boyd, vice president of Mozilla made a statement that further proves that point. She said, “In a world where data leaks are becoming more routine and products like CloudPets still sit on store shelves, I’m increasingly worried about my kids’ privacy and security.”

Parents buy toys for their children because they want their kids to have fun — they should never have to worry about their kids being spied on.

Were The Issues With CyberPets in 2017 fixed?

Mozilla worked side by side with Cure53 to identify whether the previous issues had been fixed. But they found that the issues with CloudPets Bluetooth are still there. The Bluetooth issue combined with many others led Cure53 to the conclusions that CloudPets are not secure enough.

According to CNET, researchers state they discovered that the CloudPets mobile app refers people to a website called “” which is currently not in use anymore. Because the company no longer uses this domain, it could be a potential problem since anyone could buy it. It could open the door for more scams.

What Is Spiral Toys Saying To The Critics?

Spiral Toys is saying absolutely nothing. Neglecting to make changes to their products last year, having so many problems, and not even a single response now, leaves parents to think that this company just does not care. But neglecting to respond is going to cost them. Several large brands including Target & Walmart are no longer selling their products. And now, you can add Amazon to that list.

No one should be able to spy on your child except you. As parents, you pay the phone bill so if you’d like to use a mobile spy app for your children’s phone, then you should have the liberty to do that. But hackers being able to hear your conversations with your child is creepy. Leave comments below to let us know your thoughts on this.


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