PhoneSpector Review

Every day, iPhone and Android smartphone users lose phone data. Whether it be someone accidentally deleting memorable photos or breaking their phone, losing precious data is devastating. So, what is the easiest solution to this problem? That would have to be the data extraction and backup software, PhoneSpector.

What Is PhoneSpector?

PhoneSpector is one of the latest data backup and extraction mobile applications to hit the market! It can also be doubled as a cell phone spy software to monitor mobile phones. They pride themselves on providing a top-notch app that enables users to backup, store, and access phone information. This app is user-friendly and compatible with both Android devices and iPhones including the iPhone 11.

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How It Works

PhoneSpector Review

It’s very simple to install and use PhoneSpector.

Step 1: Purchase and Login

Visit their website and purchase the software based on the type of phone you are looking to backup. Then, log into your account on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Step 2: Install & Backup

The installation process differs depending on the software you purchased. For iPhone installation, you can install it remotely by just entering the iPhone owner’s Apple ID and password of the device. For installation on Android phones, you would send the download link to the device you want to install PhoneSpector on. After, simply enter your license key and you’re ready to get started. More specific instructions about the installation process are provided by PhoneSpector upon purchase. After installation, you can backup the target smartphone’s data.

Step 3: View Data

Once the backup is complete, you can view all the extracted data on your account. The data that you can view is the phone’s GPS locations, texts, call log, photo, videos, internet history, social media activity, contacts, and more.

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Why PhoneSpector Is The #1 Data Backup & Extraction App On The Market

PhoneSpector Review

Among all of the data backup and extraction apps out there, PhoneSpector is one of the best!

  • Quick & Easy To Use

Consumers don’t like dealing with apps that are over-complicated. PhoneSpector is not one of those apps. This backup app is very simple to use and has quick installation and backup processes. The company is great at providing all of its customers with specific and easy to follow instructions on how to install and use their app. As a side note, make sure you use PhoneSpector in a way that does not violate local state and federal laws. 

  • Compatible With Both iPhone and Android Smartphones

One of the main reasons PhoneSpector is the best is that it’s compatible with all the latest Android devices and iPhones. Compatible Android phones include all Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC devices, as well as Android systems from 3 to 9. Compatible iPhones include iPhone 5 to 11 and iOS 7 to 13. In addition, their app is also compatible with all iPad.

  • It Does The Job

PhoneSpector does everything it says it will. It backs up a phone’s data so it never gets lost. Customers can easily access this data if they accidentally delete something or their phone gets lost or broken. This app is truly a lifesaver for storing a phone’s information including precious photos and videos.

So, if you are looking for a reliable data backup and extraction mobile app, try PhoneSpector! If you enjoyed reading this review, check out some of our others, here on Digital Addicts.