Online Stores To Buy Tech You Didn’t Know About

Buying tech and consumer electronics online these days is simple. Just go over to Amazon or eBay and that’s it, right?

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Well, if you would like to get things cheaper, you should also look at other online stores. The tech market is so big that sometimes you will be surprised to find tech products on lesser known sites that you didn’t even consider. That is why I decided to write a quick list of online shopping sites where you can find tech, gadgets, and all sorts of fun electronics at low, affordable prices.


4 Tech Online Stores You Need To Check Out

online stores

What tech do you shop for online?


GearBest is usually my go-to online store for any gadgets or tech I need. They sell a wide variety of tech including smartphones, quadcopters, action cameras, and other accessories. A plus is that since they have warehouses at multiple locations, making the shipping costs and import charges cheaper.

Also, they often have “flash-sales” or just regular sales going on for their products. Usually, you can find promo codes they offer online which can reduce their prices even further.

You can find a lot of their items reviewed on YouTube be it with their own videos or by other people who bought them. GearBest, in my opinion, is a very trusted seller.



AliExpress is more of an all-around site rather than just a specific tech online store. They do have a wide selection of electronics available. Technologies they have on their site include smart watches, security cameras, earphones, and even the iPhone X. They do offer cheap or free shipping on a lot of their items.

I mostly use AliExpress to order interesting gadgets that I don’t need immediately. For instance, I ordered these automatic robot cleaning balls and they are hilarious. Plus, they actually do a nice job of awkwardly waddling around my apartment and picking up dust.

In addition, AliExpress offers a protection plan which helps if customers need a refund or a product replacement. Once, I requested my money back when a phone case and screen protector didn’t arrive on-time and I got my money back.



Geekbuying is a very similar online store to GearBest. The website layout is similar, and they also offer very nice sales and coupons. They have a vast amount of tech devices including gadgets for cars, VR gear, tv boxes, and hobby toys.

Where they are different is with their customer support and shipping. They have a live chat available to customers who have already made a purchase or are considering purchasing. They also have free shipping on most of their products. This is a reliable site that you can find tech for yourself or someone else.


Light In The Box

This site is sort of the mixture of the previous three. It offers free shipping on most of its items like Geekbuying, it has a wide variety of products, not just tech, like AliExpress, and the products are usually very well documented like GearBest. The tech, electronics, and gadgets they have include cell phones, security devices, home audio & video, laptops, smart tech, and tech accessories. Based on my experience using Light In The Box, they are a good retailer and would not hesitate to use them again.

Other online stores to check out include Bang Good, DHGate, and Mini In The Box.

So, these are the tech online stores that I would suggest for all your cheap tech-buying needs. If you have experience with any others that I missed, feel free to mention them in the comments!

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