Nokia and Vodafone Bringing 4G to the Moon

Two of mobile communications’ biggest names are expanding their brands—all the way to the Moon! That’s right, the freakin’ Moon. That big, sometimes glowing, hunk-of-cheese-looking thing that fills our night sky? That celestial object that man set foot on six times between 1969 and 1972 and then abandoned, seemingly, forever? Yes, that Moon. Earth’s only, orbiting, natural satellite.

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While there are hints that NASA may be returning to the Moon in the near future, nothing is definitive. However, a new German space company called PTScientists partnered up with Audio to create and land two rovers there in 2019—and they’ve just added Nokia and Vodafone to their team.

The plan is to establish a Moon-based communications network using 4G LTE to let us Earthlings see the Moon in high-def. How cool is that? The 4G technology is far better than using analog radio. It will allow information and data to travel between the rovers and the station’s Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA) much more efficiently.

Maybe this news will finally quell all of the moon conspiracy theorists who think man never landed there. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s likelier that this will just spark new conspiracies that “Big Brother” is using spy technology to watch over us….

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