New Parental Control Features Added To Spotify Kids

The popular music streaming platform, Spotify, just released some new parental controls for Spotify Kids. Spotify Kids was released back in October 2019, and is available in 14 countries (now including Germany and Japan). For parents, the new features that have just been added include:

  • Viewing what your child is listening to. 
  • Block content you don’t want them having access to. 
  • Accessing parental control settings from your own account via “For grown-ups”. 

What is great about these new features is that if you have multiple children, you are able to adjust their settings on an individual basis. On the platform, there are other parental control features including:

  • Choosing the audio type that is okay for your child to listen to. Parents have the option to choose between Audio for older kids or Audio for younger kids
  • Managing your child’s personal information like their name and date of birth. The age and name of your child is encrypted on the app. 
  • Setting a PIN for the Spotify Kids app. 

Overall, Spotify Kids gives children access to 8,000 audiobooks, songs, sounds, and stories. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play

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