Netflix Releases First Trailer For Lost In Space Reboot

It’s been a few years since Netflix first announced their remake of the 60’s cult classic, Lost In Space. Since then we haven’t heard much from the show’s developers, save for a quick glimpse of the main protagonists of the show, the Robinson family. Today however, Netflix released a full-length trailer featuring some impressive action scenes along with our first look at the show’s other main characters, Dr. Smith and “The Robot.” Have a look at the full-length trailer for Lost In Space below.

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A Sci-Fi Classic Re-imagined

After watching the official trailer, one thing is for certain, this isn’t your parents Lost In Space. What was once know for being a campy sci-fi adventure has taken on a more serious tone. And while the family adventure element is still there, fans of the original series will be able to spot the differences immediately. For instance, the series iconic “Robot” seems to look more alien than anything. Fortunately, the writers decided to keep the character’s infamous line “Danger, Will Robinson!” so we can forgive the change in appearance.

All 10 episodes of Lost In Space will be available April 13th on Netflix.

Are you excited for the Lost In Space reboot? Have any favorite moments from the original series? Let us know in the comment section below.

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