Neon Genesis Evangelion Headlines The Best Animes On Netflix 2019

*Update: Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Now On Netflix!

If you’re a die-hard anime fan, or a newcomer to the genre, you’re sure to be excited about all of the new shows coming to Netflix in 2019. Among the growing list of Netflix originals, arguably one of the most legendary anime shows ever created is also coming to Netflix in 2019. The name of that classic anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion Headlines The Best Animes On Netflix 2019

Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place 15 years after a world-wide cataclysmic event and centers around a young boy named Shinji. After witnessing a devastating battle between an “Angel” (giant alien-like creature) and an Evangelion (giant, bio-mechanical cyborg), he is recruited by his father to join the paramilitary organization known as Nerv. The main mission of Nerv is to defend Tokyo-3 and all it’s inhabitants from the invading “Angel” forces. In order to defeat these “Angels” (which cannot be harmed by any conventional weapons) the Nerv organization developed the Evangelion Units (or EVAs for short). These EVAs, while highly advanced, can only be piloted by a select few. It’s up to Shinji and a small group of teenaged EVA pilots to put an end to the “Angel” invasion.

The show originally aired 26 episodes back in 1995, so the animation may look slightly dated (especially towards the end of the series when the studio started running out of money.) That being said, the storyline, character development, and emotional rollercoaster that is Neon Genesis Evangelion, is just as incredible as ever.

Why NGE Will Be One Of The Best Animes On Netflix 2019

Neon Genesis Evangelion Headlines The Best Animes On Netflix 2019

There’s no question that Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the of most influential anime shows of all time. Many of the shows tropes are still being replicated in modern animes, and notable directors have cited the show as inspiration for their own work. In addition to this, the show is one of the most critically acclaimed anime series, boasting several awards and topping many publications lists of must-watch shows. Despite the show being well over 20 years old, it’s easy to see why Neon Genesis Evangelion will be one of the best animes on Netflix in 2019.

For those of you interested in watching (or re-watching) Neon Genesis Evangelion, you won’t have to wait very long. Netflix plans on having all 26 episodes of the original anime available for streaming sometime in spring 2019. This includes both of the series’ infamous movies; The End of Evangelion & Evangelion: Death (True) 2. So, if you’re just as excited as I am about the worldwide streaming premier of one of the greatest animes of all-time, take a minute a leave a comment below.

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