National Day of Unplugging: Tips To Unplug From Technology

National Unplugging Day is the latest holiday that has people everywhere taking a break from technology. The holiday consists of a 24 hour period where you relax and take a step back from using technology, social media, and other digital devices. We are becoming more and more dependent on technology, finding ourselves scrolling through Facebook, or using smartphones carelessly throughout the day. This day is a creative opportunity to get outdoors and connect with loved ones in your free time and be in the moment.

When Is National Day of Unplugging?

We are missing out on moments of our lives distracted by technology. The project sabbath manifesto created the idea of slowing down lives in an increasingly hectic world. National Unplugging Day occurs on March 6th and will end at sundown on March 7th this year. People always have the urge to check their cell phones. Whether you are in the middle of a conversation, at the beach, dinner, classroom, everywhere, people are always using these smart devices. Do you have what it takes to unplug? Take the pledge today, and take a day to disconnect from your devices. It may be beneficial to you.

Tips To Unplug From Technology 

Smartphone users everywhere want to know what they should do to make sure they are unplugged from their devices during these 24 hours. Many people will find the urge to use their technology, and using these tips will help make you not fall back into the trap of your device. It is essential to realize what urges you to check your phone, and by eliminating that, you can be more successful at using your device less frequently. 

– Avoid Technology

If you typically have technology on you at all times, it is a good idea to put your devices away and out of sight. By doing this, you are less likely to have the urge to check your technology. If you do not know the devices are there, your mind won’t be thinking about the notifications you have or anything taking place on the device.

  • Keep the phone away during dinner or any family time.
  • Have someone hide all of the devices until the time is over.
  • Create a scavenger hunt or list with creative activity alternatives to technology.
  • Turn off all of your notifications from non-essential apps.

– Spend Time With Your Family

The day is a great way to spend time with your family and see relatives you may not see on a daily basis. Or even just have a day where the whole family is doing activities together outdoors or indoors. Our days are typically busy with work and other technology-based activities. Take this day to step back and appreciate the family and friends you have around you. 

  • Play board games, family favorites, or read a book.
  • Go somewhere with your family that you have never been or your a local favorite spot
  • Have a family bake-off and see who can create the best entree.
  • Learn about your family members and complete your family tree.

– Go Outside

Getting out of the house will help keep you distracted from your device. If you are outdoors taking in the fresh air around you and appreciating who you are with, you won’t be worried about your notifications anymore. You may be more athletic than you remember.

  • Go for a walk or hike at the local park or trail.
  • Finish yard work around the house or at a family member’s house.
  • Begin your own garden with your favorite fruits or vegetables.
  • Create and complete a family obstacle course.

– Find A Quiet Place

Maybe you need to get away from the daily noise and just need to go somewhere to relax. Many people find this technique to be beneficial as some like to meditate, or even just being at a quiet or relaxing location. 

  • Take a trip to the beach or a local pier.
  • Eat one meal in silence.
  • Play charades with your family and friends. 
  • Learn to meditate or take a meditation class.

What Tips Should You Use?

All the tips above are great to help you distance yourself from the technology that you use every day. This holiday will make you realize that you are missing more than you think with the increased use of these devices. Even if you stop your phone use for just a little bit, you will reconnect with the world around you and not let these devices control you anymore.

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