All Of The Monster Hunter: World Palico Gadgets You Can Get

Monster Hunter: World (MHW) is one of the most popular online multiplayer games today. Recently, it was revealed to be the best selling game in Japan in 2018That’s impressive. If you don’t know what MHW is, it’s an RPG action game where you take the role of a hunter and battle fierce monsters. Within the game, you can gather Palico gadgets, which can be used by your Palico (a cat-like combat companion) to stun and provoke monsters, heal hunters, and other actions.

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6 MHW Palico Gadgets You Can Get In The Game

#1: Flashfly Cage

monster hunter world palico gadgetsWhen battling monsters like a Rathalos or Legiana, a Flashfly Cage can come in handy. When your Palico pulls it out, you can hit it to create a large flash. If your Palico is leveled up, you can use the Flashily Cage as an electric shock trap as well. This gadget can be found in the Ancient Forest. Side Note: Make sure not to overuse this gadget on any one monster.

#2: Shieldspire

monster hunter world palico gadgets

The Shieldspire has two abilities. First, a Palico can use it to stay alive when attacking a monster. Second, it can stun a monster when used during battle. This MHW gadget can be acquired in the Wildspire Waste.

#3: Coral Orchestra

monster hunter world palico gadgets

The Coral Orchestra can by found in the Coral Highlands while on the Trouper Quest. Your Palico can use it to play songs that apply buffs (effects) such as: Bleeding Resistance, Attack Up, Defense Up, or Stamina Drain Down. When your Palico upgrades, there are more buffs available, including the hunter earplug effect.

#4: Plunderblade

monster hunter world palico gadgetsThe Plunderblade is a great gadget to have while on quests and expeditions. It can be used to steal items from Monsters (like fangs), which go directly into your inventory. A Palico can throw the Plunderblade to gather items when they are leveled up. All items collected by this gadget are available upon the completion of the quest. Naturally, this Palico gadget is obtainable on the Plunderer Quest in Rotten Vale.

#5: Meowlatov Cocktail

monster hunter world palico gadgetsGet it? Instead of molotov cocktail it’s a Meowlatov Cocktail. This explosive gadget causes damage to a monster when hit. If you’re battling a large monster, this cocktail will definitely disorient them. An upgraded Palico will also roll around with a small shield and cannon when using it. You can locate this Palico gadget in Elder’s Recess.

#6: Vigorwasp Spray

monster hunter world palico gadgetsVigorwasp Spray is the the last of the Palico gadgets on our list. You get this gadget as part of your starting equipment when beginning to play Monster Hunter: World. With this gadget, a Palico can summon a Vigorwasp. Then, they ride the monster until it explodes, expelling a honey-like substance healing the hunter.  

To learn specifically how to get each Monster Hunter: World Palico gadget, watch the video below.

Have fun playing MHW! If you haven’t played this game yet, it is available on Xbox One and PS4. Also, check out our other gaming articles!

All photos in this article are from Wiki Monster Hunter World.