Jurassic World: An Honest Opinion On The Game & Movie

We thought our favorite dino friends were back to conquer the movie scene and possibly the gaming scene too. But according to reviews, that’s not true at all—well, for the movie at least. Jurassic World Revealed, on the other hand, is killing it. The game shocks the world with its 4/5 rating. The numbers are surprising considering that the movie has mediocre reviews on almost every major review site. But what makes them so different? Why does the game have great reviews and the movie is tanking? Let’s find out.

The Movie

If you haven’t been keeping up with Jurassic World, the last movie was released in 2015 and it was amazing. The movie was a great mix of adventure, fantasy, and action. Actors such as Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard played very important roles. Chris Pratt starred as Owen Grady—a researcher who was employed by Jurassic World and Bryce Dallas Howard starred as Claire Dearing—the park’s operations manager. Their roles were vital as Owen (Chris) and Claire (Bryce) worked together to evacuate everyone off of  Isla Nubar after the escape of the Indominus Rex.

Although the first movie was well executed, according to reviews, the second one doesn’t seem to live up to the hype. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom continues where it left off, however, it’s obvious that it’s not as entertaining as the first movie. Most critics have said that Fallen Kingdom lacks the suspense and action of its predecessor, overall, making the movie less enjoyable. Not to mention, knowing that the dinosaurs have already escaped leads to a predictable storyline.

The Game

Jurassic World Revealed is available on Alexa. It is an audio game that brings a unique gaming experience to users. In the free version, you are given six chapters that you can complete. To progress in each chapter, you must listen to the story carefully and answer the questions accordingly. If you find that you love the game and want to keep playing, you are given the option to upgrade your account and continue your story. This game requires high levels of concentration and attention to detail. It’s easy to see how someone could enjoy listening to it without getting bored.

What Makes Them Different

When you’re watching Jurassic World in the movie theatre, you’re experiencing the luxury of a huge screen, surround sound system and if you’re like me, probably some delicious popcorn. The cinematic experience can feel exhilarating. But sometimes that’s just not enough. A quality storyline is a huge determining factor if the movie will deliver the excitement you’re looking for.

Jurassic World Revealed takes a unique approach and that’s probably why it has better ratings. While there is no big flashy screen, surround sound, or movie theatre popcorn—there is engagement, interaction, and originality. Unlike the Jurassic World movie, there has never been a Jurassic World audio game before. This gives fans a breath of fresh air. What also one-ups the movie, is that fans are now able to read text messages on an iPhone while playing.

What’s Next For Jurassic World

Rumor has it that the creators of Jurassic World are aiming to create a trilogy with their next movie on June 11th, 2021. Based on the reviews we’ve seen this year, we hope that they come back stronger in the next one and give their diehard fans what they’re looking for. A movie of this stature always has high expectations and fans hope that they’ll always live up to it. As for another audio game, we’re not sure if that’s happening anytime soon, but it’d be great to see.

What are your thoughts about the movie? Do you want to see another? Did you think the movie was good? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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