The Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over First (Infographic)

People in today’s workforce are starting to ask, when will robots be taking our jobs? It seems as though what started as the stuff of sci-fi movies, is now looking more and more realistic. We’re not talking about IF artificial intelligence is going to take our jobs, but which ones they’re going to take over first.

How Many Jobs Could Be Affected?

According to research, over 30% of jobs in Britain are going to be under threat from breakthroughs in AI. By 2030, as many as half of the jobs in certain sectors are thought to be under threat from robots. It’s also believed that nearly ten million roles are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence within the next 15 years.

Which Jobs Are Going First?

The robotic revolution is coming, we know that much. But who is in the most danger of losing their job? This clever infographic from RS-Components (shown below), details research to show which industries could see the most significant job losses by 2030. Transportation and storage seem to take the hardest hit, with a massive 56% of jobs at risk. Just under that is manufacturing at 46%.

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Where is your job on this list? Are you one of the lucky ones with less than 10% of jobs at risk? Or, is a robot soon to be taking over your role? Let us know in the comments what the research says about your job.

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