Instagram Creepers Rejoice! The App Isn’t Going To Sell You Out

A huge, digital sigh of relief just went out across the globe from every Instagram user who secretly screenshots other Instagrammers. In case you didn’t know it, the app developer began testing a feature that would alert posters to anyone who took a screenshot of their Instagram Stories. But just last week, Instagram confirmed that they have ended their beta test, and will not continue with the alerts.

Digital Addicts Instagram creepers

Instagram Stories was designed to be temporary like Snapchat’s Stories mode. The posted content would only exist for a short time, then disappear. However, if you took a quick screenshot or recording, you could have it forever.

Instagram sought to quash that idea with their alert feature which launched in February of this year. The app would send a warning to the screenshot taker telling them that their next screengrab attempt would be made known to that user. Yikes! That’s a chilling thought for your everyday, under-the-radar creeper like myself. Hahaha. But seriously, folks, it does make you wonder how much anonymity you can maintain in today’s digital world.

Instagram Isn’t Alone In Calling Out Lurkers

Instagram wasn’t the first app maker to try this out. It’s been a regular practice for Snapchat to notify users when their content is recorded by another party. I don’t know about you, but it’s caused me to think twice about using any social media app. After all, they’re starting to seem more and more like those cell phone spy app programs you keep hearing about.

Why Instagram decided to discontinue with the idea hasn’t been disclosed, but many guess it’s because of user interaction. The fear of being discovered creeping on someone probably caused a bunch of regular Instagrammers to access the app less. I know it would give me pause, I mean, if lurking on someone’s social media page and taking secret screengrabs was my thing—which it’s not!