How To Take Professional Quality Photos And Videos With A Cell Phone Camera

Believe it or not, it is possible to shoot professional quality photos and videos with just a mobile device. In years past this wasn’t a feasible option, but with today’s advanced mobile technology we can do just about anything with our cell phones. This includes convincing others that we’re professional photographers and videographers, despite not having the expensive cameras or accessories to back up the claim.

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If you’re looking for ways to maximize your cell phone camera and take professional-looking photos and videos, here are some of the best ways to do so:


1. Stabilize

How To Take Professional Quality Photos And Videos Using A Cell Phone Camera

One of the most obvious signs that a photographer or videographer is an amateur is a tilted picture or shaky movie. Invest in an easily portable mobile tripod to ensure your creations come out exactly as you want them to.


2. Use natural lighting  

Artificial light can be harsh. Consider shooting during sunrise or sunset for not only great lighting, but to provide a visually appealing and colorful backdrop.


3. Use editing software

How To Take Professional Quality Photos And Videos Using A Cell Phone Camera

Even the simplest devices can produce visually stimulating content if you do a little tweaking in post-production. Sometimes all you need is additional contrast or a bit of color equalizing to make it perfect. There are several reviews of photo editing software or video editing software to help you find something right for your device and skill level.


4. Avoid digital zoom

Using the zoom function on your cell phone is simply not as effective as taking a high resolution photograph or video and zooming in on it in post-production. In fact, the best way to accomplish the perfect zoom is to simply get closer to your subject. (Unless you’re trying to videotape a mountain lion. In that case, keep your distance.)


5. Change your perspective

How To Take Professional Quality Photos And Videos Using A Cell Phone Camera

Don’t be afraid to get down on the ground for the perfect shot. Sometimes getting “eye-to-eye” with your subject or capturing a design from an aerial view can be the most artistic ways to express your vision.


6. Shoot as much and as often as possible

Burst photography can help you get the perfect shot that you might have missed otherwise, especially in a moving landscape. You can always delete the ones that don’t make the cut later on to save device memory.


7. Keep your device clean

If you want a blurred effect, create it in post-production. A blurry lens never makes for professional quality photos or videos. You want what you shoot to be as crisp and clear as possible.


If you’re still getting the hang of things, don’t be discouraged. Showing interest in photography and videography is the first step. Start slow and get to know all the cool features of the camera on your mobile device before investing in expensive equipment. Unless you’re looking to do this for a living, your cell phone camera will serve you just fine. Have fun with it.


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