How Do I View My Friends On Facebook?

Facebook is a place to connect with friends and family. You share what’s going on in your life so your friends, even if you haven’t seen them in a while, can know what you’re up to. But, do you really remember everyone that you’re friends with on Facebook? Below, we talk about good reasons to view your friends list, and answer the question, “How do I view my friends on Facebook?”

Reasons To View Your Facebook Friends List

1. You Want To Do A Spring Cleaning Of Your Friends List

Honestly, you probably have people on your friends list that you don’t remember or keep in touch with anymore. It could be a person you friended for a college project or a random person you met at a party. Just like with spring cleaning your closet, unfriending those who you’re not really friends with can give you a sense of relief.

2. You Want To Locate A Long Lost Friend

Lost touch with one of your best friends from high school or camp? Facebook is a great tool to reconnect with old friends you want to catch up with. All you have to do to find them is to simply search your Facebook friends list and send them a private message. Since they likely haven’t heard from you in a while, make sure to remind them of who you are.

3. You Want To Snoop On An Ex

We’ve all been there. Wanting to snoop on an ex’s Facebook profile to see what they’re up to. Are they dating again or married? Where do they work now? Even though you may have the urge to look at ex’s Facebook profile, doing so may not the best way to get over them.

How To View Your Friends On Facebook

Method 1: Your Friends List

– Step 1: Log Into Your Facebook Account
– Step 2: Click On Your Profile Icon

view my friends on facebook

– Step 3: Click On “Friends” On The Left Sidebar (Desktop) or Below Your Photos (Mobile)

view my friends on facebook

– Step 4: View Your Facebook Friends

view my friends on facebook

Now, you are on your friends list. If you have a specific friend you’re looking for, you can search their name within your list.  

Method 2: Search For Your Friends

– Step 1: Log Into Your Facebook Account
– Step 2: Enter Your Friend’s Name In The Search Bar On The Top
view my friends on facebook
– Step 3: Locate and Click Their Profile
– Step 4: View Their Profile

On their profile, you will be able to see if you’re actually Facebook friends with them. If you aren’t, send them a friend request.

Now that you know how to view my friends on Facebook, did you find the person you were looking for? We wish you the best of luck in finding your friends!

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