Your Letter To Join Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Has Arrived!

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Android and iOS mobile game is officially out. Grab your wand and join the wizarding world. Become a student at Hogwarts, learn spells, duel with other students, and discover a mystery.

I have already started playing this game and have to say, it meets my expectations. Each school year contains 10 chapters and takes place during the 1980s before Harry Potter attends Hogwarts. Characters you might recognize in the game include Professor McGonagall, Professor. Dumbledore, Bill Weasley, Hagrid, Professor. Snape, and many more!

Below, I will go through the game basics and talk about my experience playing the first 2 chapters. 

*Note: Game spoilers are ahead!!!

Introduction: Creating Your Witch/Wizard And Features

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    Welcome To Diagon Alley


When you first enter the game, an introduction video welcomes you to the wizarding world featuring McGonagall, Hagrid, and Dumbledore. Then, you’re asked to create your avatar. Are you a witch or wizard? You can customize your hair, face, and eyes. It was fun trying to create a witch that looked similar to me.

As you play the game, you can view your profile by clicking the circle with your character in it on the top left. There you can view your avatar and see your courage, empathy, and knowledge levels. Also while playing, you can find your tasks by clicking on the letter with an “H” icon on the left.

After this, your magical journey begins.

Chapter 1: Your Journey Begins

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    Now Entering The Wizarding World


You start your Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery journey at Diagon Alley where you meet a fellow first-year student, Rowan. She’s your first assigned Hogwarts friend when you play this game. While you talk with Rowan, you find out that your older brother has been expelled from Hogwarts for breaking school rules in search of the fabled cursed vaults. Oh no! Maybe this is the mystery the game is centered around?

Rowan first recommends you visit Flourish and Blotts to get your books. To interact with the books and complete tasks in the game, you click on the glowing item.

You then get to choose your name and finally get your Hogwarts acceptance letter, which should have happened earlier in the game. The name I chose for my witch is Harper Jeanes.

Finally, the moment in the game I was most excited about, getting my wand. You step into Olivander’s and try out a few wands by tracing a line. The wand that chose me was an Acacia Wand.

*Side Note: They don’t let you get your own owl, cat, or toad. 

Now with your acceptance letter, books, and wand in-hand, you hop onboard the Hogwarts Express (I wished they had shown Platform 9 3/4).


Chapter 2: Welcome To Hogwarts

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    Chapter 2: Welcome To Hogwarts


You have arrived at Hogwarts and are greeted by McGonagall. You enter the Great Hall for the first time to get sorted. When you’re called up to the Sorting Hat, instead of being assigned a house randomly, you get to choose your own. I chose Hufflepuff based on my Pottermore account. After you get sorted, Dumbledore greets the students, explains how house points work, and says Harry Potter, the boy who lived, is safe.

From the Great Hall, you go to your common room and decide which class you want to attend first (I chose charms.) Your first charms lesson is learning Lumos (spell to turn your wand into a light torch). Flitwick even quizzes you on it!

After charms class, I encountered my in-game nemesis, Merula (House Slytherin, of course). She claims to be the most powerful witch at Hogwarts (that’s laughable). Snape breaks it up and said I was late for Potions class and lucky I didn’t get detention. In class, you learn to make a cure for boils potion after watching and listening to Snape. However, Merula sabotaged my potion and caused it to explode! Jerk. If you go to the book icon on the bottom right of your screen, you can see the lessons you have learned.

Once your second class is done, you have completed chapter 2.

Throughout the game, you’ll answer questions and make choices that will guide your Hogwarts path. You define your Hogwarts story and become the witch or wizard you want to be. I can’t wait to continue my adventure on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. If you’re as obsessed with this franchise as I am, playing this game is a must. 

Want to play right now? Download On: Google Play or App Store

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