10 Halloween Costumes For Techies!

Are you looking for a tech-inspired Halloween costume? From social media to computers to gaming, there’s an endless amount of options to choose from. While scowering the internet, we came across these ten Halloween costumes that are perfect for any techie!

#1: Error 404 Costume Not Found

Error 404 Costume Not Found Halloween Costumes Zazzle

Source: Zazzle

If you’re a lazy techie or are looking for a last-minute costume, just wear this shirt! This t-shirt has a little tech humor while stating the fact that you didn’t have time to get an authentic costume.

#2: Custom Instagram Filter


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Instagram filter being filtered on Instagram ? #instaception #happyhalloween #instagramcostume

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This is the perfect costume for a techie who’s obsessed with using Instagram filters. Just a trip to the craft store and you can DIY this costume in a jiffy! Choose to feature the filters you most love to use.

#3: Pixelated Sim

With Sims 4 being a hugely popular game this year, dressing up as a pixelated sim for Halloween is a great choice. Make sure to include the green plumbob!

#4: A Real Instagram Camera

If you’re a camera techie, you’ll love this costume! You can use an actual camera to take photos from the front and use an iPad or tablet to show them on the back. How awesome is that? Props to Eric Micotto for coming up with this unique costume.

#5: Cell Phone Box

Digital Addicts Halloween Costumes Samsung Galaxy Box

Source: Mashable

When in doubt, just use a cardboard box and label it with your favorite smartphone. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, the list goes on.

#6: Pac-Man Family

Are your family or friends all techies? Then, recreating the Pac-Man family would be a unique way to show off your techie side this Halloween. You have Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, Inky, and Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man.

#7: Blue Screen Of Death

Digital Addicts Halloween Costumes Blue Screen of Death

Source: 9gag.com

Remember back in the beginning days of the computer when everyone dreaded the blue screen of death? Well, this costume is based on that. I’m not exactly sure how the computer head part was created, but this person definitely nailed it.

#8: The Cloud

Digital Addicts Cloud Halloween Costumes

Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, just dress up as the cloud for Halloween. Many techies have grown to rely on it to store their data and files.

#9: Firefox

Even though many people don’t use the Firefox web browser anymore, it makes for a really good Halloween costume. All you have to do is dress like a fox and get an inflatable world ball.

#10: Emojis

Dress up as your favorite emoji this Halloween. From poop? to winky face ?, you can either DIY your own emoji costume or purchase it already done. You and your family or friends can all be emojis ?!

These are just ten of the many techie Halloween costumes you can try this All Hallows’ Eve. Personally, I’m a fan of dressing up like the poop emoji. What will be your costume this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below.

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