10 Funny Star Wars Memes From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

In a galaxy far, far away, there is a little-known franchise called Star Wars. Fans around the world have declared their devotion to the dark side or light side. Whatever side they are on, fans agree that the Star Wars franchise makes for some hilarious memes. Below are our top funny Star Wars memes.

Star Wars Memes That Are Blessed With The Force

1. Boy, Anakin Is HOT, HOT HOT ?!

funny star wars memes

For any young girl who grew up watching Star Wars, you can’t deny you had at least a slight crush on Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker (pre-Darth Vader reveal). As this funny Star Wars meme points out, he really reached HOT ? status when he was left to die in lava on Mustafar.

2. I See You Luke Skywalker!

funny star wars memes

From 1983 to 2015, Star Wars fans were left questioning, where in the world was Luke Skywalker? He clearly isn’t just a Jedi Master, but a Master of Hide and Seek as well.

3. Classic Solo

funny star wars memes

Haha! Solo, get it? However, Kylo Ren isn’t one for jokes.

4. I Have The Force

funny star wars memes

Who doesn’t want to pretend they have the force when standing in front of an automatic door? — Every Star Wars fan ever.

5. Beep, Beep, Beep?!!

funny star wars memes

Excuse me R2D2? What did you just say? Just kidding. This is one of the funniest Star Wars memes I’ve ever seen!

6. How Dare You!

funny star wars memes

Rey’s face in this Star Wars meme sums up how every Star Wars fan would react in this situation. How dare you for not liking Star Wars!

7. Winter Hyperdrive

funny star wars memes

Honestly, I never realized this until now! I learn something new every day.

8. The Dead Giveaway

funny star wars memes

Sorry, but it’s true. When the Darth Vader theme music starts playing, you know he’s close.

9. Cinnabon Fashion

funny star wars memes

I had to include this classic Star Wars meme! Every time I see those hair buns, I still imagine them as cinnabons.

10. Photo CAPTCHA Shade

funny star wars memes

This photo CAPTCHA definitely puts some shade on Anakin Skywalker. Poor Anakin. 

Which of these Star Wars memes is your favorite? Let us know!

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