The Facebook Job Board is LinkedIn for Blue-Collar Workers

Facebook just expanded its international version of a LinkedIn job board for blue-collar workers—providing people in over forty countries with the ability to search the social media site for jobs. The Facebook job board first launched its service last year in the U.S. and Canada.

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How the Facebook Job Board Works

Users can go to Facebook’s Jobs dashboard, which is located on the website’s sidebar or in the mobile app’s More section. Once there, job-seekers can utilize a host of filters to help them target the ideal position. The site/app makes it easy for the individual to fill out applications using their Facebook profile information and even schedule interviews via Messenger.

If you’re worried that a prospective employer might turn you down because of what they see on your personal pages, Facebook insists that businesses can only view what is available on your public profile. It’s not a secret spy app or something like that. Nothing personal or hidden can be accessed.

Like LinkedIn, the new Facebook job board also allows businesses to find workers via connections and recommendations. So, a person could very well get an offer from a company they weren’t even applying to, thanks to Facebook’s social connections.

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