Cool Apps That Don’t Suck

Apps are like potato chips. You can’t stop at just one. And, just like those so-good-for-the-mouth-but-not-for-your-health snacks, apps can be bad for you. So, instead of filling up on memory-sucking, operation-slowing, waste-of-money ones, here are a few morsels that will really satiate.

Appetizing Apps That Truly Satisfy

NOTE: Not all apps work on all devices, so be sure to check the specifications for each one.


snow apps digital addictsKorean Snapchat clone Snow will help take selfie lovers to a higher level. Filled with more filters than its mentor app, Snow fully focuses on one’s love of self and includes a GIF making feature. It also expands Snapchat’s stories idea from 24 to 72 hours so that those memories that you don’t want to last a lifetime stick around just a little bit longer.



prisma apps digital addictsNeed something more substantial than stickers and stories? Then say hello to Prisma! Whether you’re an art-school dropout or a Warhol wannabe, this super-cool photo-editing app can turn your everyday pictures into wow-inducing works of art. Simply take a picture and choose from over 30 art styles—classic painting, comic book, stained glass, disco, Heisenberg, etc.—then share it with your closest friends or print it out and hang it up.



mixlr apps digital addictsIf you ever dreamed of becoming a podcaster but were discouraged by the amount of work and equipment that it would take to pull it off, then worry no more. Mixlr is an app that lets you turn your iPhone into a handheld, wireless, recording and broadcast studio. Best of all, you can save your podcasts and export them to Soundcloud or your Dropbox.


Highster Mobile

highster mobile apps digital addictsWhether you’re a parent looking to watch over your children on and offline or a manager who wants to make sure your employees aren’t misusing their work devices, Highster Mobile has got you covered. This handy mobile spy app allows you to monitor other individuals’ phones from your own phone or computer without having to have them anywhere nearby. It’s also very effective for those looking to catch a cheater.


Last Message

last message apps digital addictsWe’ve all been there. You’re tapping away on your cell phone all day when you look down and realize that your battery is almost dead. Now, with no charger in sight, panic sets in. Soon, you’re going to go off-grid for who-knows-how-long and you don’t want everyone to think you’re the worst person ever for not replying to their texts/Snaps. But no worries if you have Last Message on your phone, it was developed for exactly this type of situation. This customizable app will send alerts out to all of your pre-chosen contacts in the event of a dying battery. So, you can save face when faced with dropping that Facetime call.