Cloud Security Tips For Protecting Your Business

Storing important documents, forms, and other files in a storage cabinet is a thing of the past. Now, businesses use online cloud services to store private business and customer information. However, using these services does come with its own security threats, such as being hacked. But, what exactly is cloud storage, and why should a business have security controls in place? Read on to learn more about this important topic.

What Is Business Cloud Storage? 

It is an online service that stores a business’s documents, data, and other private information. This type of storage has replaced the need to have on-premises storage hardware and data servers. On the market today, there are numerous options to choose from that offer both free and paid plans. Some of the most notable business cloud storage services are Dropbox, Box, and Amazon S3. 

6 Tips for Cloud Security

Why Take These Security Measures?

  • Protect Your Business From A Data Breach

First, and foremost, you never want anyone breaching your cloud storage and private confidential business information. This compromises both your business and customers. After a data breach occurs, your business is sure to take a hit as your customers or clients will likely lose trust in you. If any trade secrets also get out, it could potentially ruin your business to the point of bankruptcy. And that’s not mentioning any of the downfalls for businesses that are on the stock market! 

  • Keep Your Customer and Financial Information Secure

Having constant customers and financial backing are just two of the keys to running a successful business. When customer information on cloud servers are compromised in any way, you have automatically broken your promise to protect and be there for your customers 100%. 

If your cloud storage service is hacked and someone steals your financial information, that is a major loss for your business. If not found out right away, the hackers could drain all of your customers’ and business bank accounts. Not to mention use and max out any credit cards that were on file. The worst case scenario is these hackers or others using the financial information to commit identity theft. 

  • Protect Your Business From Internal Threats

One of the advantages of using cloud servers is that you can view all activities on the cloud, including what files are uploaded and downloaded, and by whom. If you don’t want business secrets getting leaked by disgruntled employees to your competitors, using a cloud storage service can help prevent that. The minute someone suspiciously downloads or accesses a file, you’ll know. 

So, does your business use a cloud storage service? If not, you really should consider it. And remember, it’s not all about storing and backing up your business information, but securing it as well. 

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