CES Blackout 2018: The Most Hilarious Tweets

Just like every year, there was a lot of hype leading up to CES 2018. What new gadgets would be seen? What are the big announcements going to be? No one would even think a large convention like this would suffer a blackout.

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On January 10, 2018, CES suffered a 2-hour blackout due to the unexpected rain in Las Vegas. It started at 11:15 a.m PT when the power in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South and Central Halls went out. The lights in the South Hall went back on immediately, but the Central Hall’s lights were not restored for another 2 hours.CES concluded that the cause of this freak incident was condensation from heavy rainfall. For more details on the incident, click here.

During the CES blackout, people and companies were having a field day on Twitter tweeting from the event and commenting about it. Some notable companies who got involved on #CESblackout include Intel, Energizer, and Texas Instruments. Below are some of the hilarious tweets that came out of the CES blackout.

7 Hilarious CES Blackout 2018 Tweets


1. Morgan Little, @mlittlesf


2. Terry Luciani, @tluciani


3. Intel, @intel


4. Jeff Wetherbee, @TexasJeffW


5. Texas Instruments, @TXInstruments


6. HyperX, @HyperX


7. Digital Addicts, @digitaladdicts_


The list of hilarious #CESblackout tweets keeps growing. The great CES blackout of 2018 will definitely be one for the record books. Check out our Twitter Moment about what happened!

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