5 Branches Of Software Development That You Should Know

There are several core branches of software development that every programmer should know about. The custom software development landscape is constantly changing. With new technologies emerging, programming specialization, and strategic methodologies, there is constant innovation being driven across the custom software sector. These software development trends have consistently defined, optimized, and opened up new opportunities within the programming sector.

If you are planning on launching your career as a custom software developer, it is essential to familiarize yourself with as many branches and types of custom software as possible. The more advanced your skillset is, the more opportunities you will have as you enter the field. Read on to learn about the core branches of software development that every programmer should know.

API Development

API, or application programming interface development, is an essential branch of software development you need to familiarize yourself. APIs serve as a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of digital third party apps. Once configured, these APIs allow web and mobile applications to access features or data from operating systems, apps, or alternate services. Throughout development, you will be required to lay the foundation of standard protocols, types, GUI interaction methods, tools, and database access rules. These core elements will ultimately be essential for other developers using your API to configure their own custom apps. 

Custom Software Development

Custom programming is a core branch of software development. Simply put, custom software development is the process of creating, designing, deploying, and maintaining programs. These are custom programs developed for a specific set of users, functions, or needs. Within the custom software development industry, there is a growing trend to utilize containerization.

The process of containerization bundles code along with all of its dependencies into secure, isolated user spaces. This makes the programs compatible across many different systems. Advanced, lightweight software containers are able to hold code, system libraries, tools, runtime, and settings. Further, you can integrate a container registry by JFrog to manage and organize your images. With more enterprises moving to docker and kubernetes, custom software will continue to be an interesting branch in the industry.

Video Game Development

Custom video game development is a core branch of the software programming industry. This process employs developers to engineer high-quality, commercial PC and console games. Other developers even develop specific programs for the best live video game streaming sites and services. Typically, the process to develop a custom video game is too complex to be undertaken by a single developer. Instead, many projects are composed of international teams dispersed across the globe.

Basically, video game programmers take an initial concept, then develop, render, and produce versions until they have produced a fully operational game. In addition to designing and maintaining the underlying software of video games, these programmers are additionally faced with integrating critical decisive components. For example, many developers are required to program custom goals, rules, interaction guidelines, conflicts, outcomes, and feedback based on player performance. 

Web Application Development

Web application development is an incredibly popular branch of software programming you need to be aware of. It is the creation of custom programs that reside on remote servers. To access these programs, applications are delivered to user devices over the internet. For this reason, web apps do not require end-users to download them onto their devices. Instead, these programs can easily be accessed by using a network. Typically, web applications include anything from online forms, word processors, and shopping carts. However, they can additionally be programs dedicated for email, file conversion or scanning, as well as video and photo editing. 

Mobile App Programming

Mobile app programming is another core branch of software development you must be aware of as a beginner developer. With more app users accessing digital programs using their smartphones and mobile devices, mobile application development has been consistently rising in demand.

Mobile app programming involves the process of creating custom software applications that are specifically designed to run on mobile devices. When developing mobile apps, you may have to heavily focus on components like screen size, hardware specifications, and configurations to deliver your program. On the front-end side of development, you will additionally have to focus on mobile user interfaces (UIs) and how to deliver an optimized UX (user experience). On the other hand, back end development for mobile apps concerns core factors like data routing, security, authentication, and service orchestration. 

In summary, these are the core branches of software development that every programmer should know. If you are interested in becoming a programmer, you should familiarize yourself with these branches and the various intricacies that go into succeeding each one.