Blizzard Reveals The 27th Hero For Overwatch

The latest hero to join the ever popular team-based shooter Overwatch is Brigitte Lindholm, an armor-clad knight who also happens to be the daughter of everyone’s favorite dwarf, Torbjörn. While she’s only recently been confirmed as a playable hero, we actually got our first look at Brigitte last year. She was featured in both the digital comic “Dragon Slayer” and animated short “Honor and Glory.” In each, Brigitte can be seen fighting alongside Reinhardt, repairing his armor, and working as his apprentice. Take a look at Brigitte’s origin story below for some quick reference.

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Overwatch Gets More Support

While it’s easy to see Reinhardt’s influence on her overall design (both heroes are fully armored and equipped with a hammer and shield), Brigitte’s play-style could not be any different. Classified as a support hero, Brigitte has a unique kit that allows her to excel on the front-lines while still providing her teammates with healing and protection.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Brigitte’s abilities.

  • Rocket Flail – Brigitte’s primary attack, swings her weapon across the screen at melee range. Can hit multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Inspire – Each time Brigitte hits an enemy with her Rocket Flail nearby allies will receive a small heal
  • Whip Shot – Brigitte throws her Rocket Flail directly in front of her, deals damage and pushes enemies away from her
  • Repair Pack – Similar to Zarya’s bubble or Zenyatta’s orbs, Brigitte throws a Repair Pack that heals allies. If the target is already at maximum life, the Repair Pack will grant bonus armor instead.
  • Barrier Shield – Activates Brigitte’s personal shield, blocking any frontal damage.
  • Shield Bash – Brigitte lunges a short distance forward and stuns an enemy. Only available if Barrier Shield is active.
  • Rally (Ultimate) – Provides all nearby allies with armor that lasts until damage is taken. Also provides Brigitte with a speed boost for 10 seconds.

Brigitte is only available to PC players at the moment (via PTR test servers). Look for her official release on all platforms in the coming weeks.

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*Update* Brigitte, the 27th Overwatch hero is now available to play on all platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4). She will remain locked in competitive ladder modes until the next season (S10) begins.