The Top Ten Biggest Tech Innovations Of The Last Decade

We are starting to wrap up the last decade as the new year begins, and are excited to see what technological advances are in store for us. The last decade has seen many technologies that have affected our daily activities and lives. It’s hard to believe what life would be like without them. We have been introduced to new smart devices, artificial intelligence, a new generation of apps, and a lot more. Before we move past the 2010s, let’s take a look back at the top ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade. 

iPad  (2010) 

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decadeIn 2010, Apple’s iPad was introduced to the world. This unique piece of technology is a device that fits in between a laptop and a smartphone. Just like any other Apple product, it has set the bar high for competitors. Today, the tablet market continues to produce new devices with incredible applications for both business and personal use. The iPad exploded into the hands of many loyal Apple customers, and this large portable touchscreen device has definitely left its mark. There are many variations of the iPad that can be bought, including those with smart keyboard compatibility. 

Uber (2011)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

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Uber was founded in 2009, and soon grew to become one of the most valuable private start-up companies in the world. Uber is a ride-hailing mobile app that when requested, will send an Uber Driver to your current location. With many competitor apps on the rise, Uber differentiated itself by leveraging 4G networks and phone GPS capabilities to change the way we rideshare. The company has continued to progress with competitors on their tail, offering a variety of transportation options. They even created a way for users to request a ride by helicopter in certain cities.

Snapchat & Instagram (2010-2011)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade
These social media apps have made their mark on smartphone users over the past decade. Instagram has turned many users into photographers and changed the way we share our lives. They each have unique options like creating polls, setting countdowns, stories, face filters, shopping, and many other advanced features. The company even came out with a companion messaging app, Threads

While on the other hand, Snapchat has changed a lot over the past few years. The platform has gone well beyond photos that disappear after a few seconds. Introducing new things like Spectacles, these stylish pair of glasses also link to the app on your smartphone, come in several different styles, and are water-resistant. The app also introduced a number of face filter features that vary depending on location, season, or whatever else they can think of. Both Snapchat and Instagram have changed the way we share our photos and videos.

Oculus VR (2012)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

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The virtual reality market that we all know today began in 2012 when Oculus introduced the first-ever virtual reality headset to the market. Consumer VR headsets are accessible at a variety of different stores and at a variety of prices. These headsets continue to improve and are expected to expand within the next few years. A new era of gaming will emerge with the right technological advancements. VR headsets will be exploding into the hands of gamers in no time. 

Tesla (2012)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

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Tesla has changed the game permanently for electric cars in the U.S. These electric cars, some of which are self-driving, have been seen all over the road the past few years. While the idea began as a luxury vehicle, Elon Musk has created new models that are of different sizes and more affordable. The Tesla Roadster was named Motor Trend Car of The Year and outsold Jaguar, one of the top automotive dealers. It has not always been a smooth ride, but through the latest improvements, Tesla is becoming increasing more popular in the automotive industry. In 2019, they revealed their nearly impenetrable Cybertruck.

DJI Phantom 1 (2013)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

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The drone market is filled with many new pieces of technology, but it all began back in 2013 with the original DJI Phantom. A remote-controlled device with a camera attached that only the government could get their hands on. Now, you can find these devices at several different locations ranging in size, camera settings, and other useful features. Some of these drones are becoming so powerful and intelligent that they’re even delivering Amazon packages. 

Xbox One/PS4 (2013)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

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Xbox and Playstation have been competing to change the future of gaming forever. With a new year of gaming, which company will be on top? Playstation 4 had conquered the Xbox One with more units sold, but it all begins again in the upcoming decade. Both companies are introducing new devices into the market. Microsoft is releasing The Xbox Series X and Playstation is releasing the PS5. We will watch to see how these two elite gaming companies continue to improve the gaming experience.  

Amazon Echo and Alexa (2014)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

Alexa and Google Assistant have taken over the smart speaker market. Ever since the release of the Amazon Echo, smart home devices are being used in homes all across the world. These devices continue to learn new skills to compete with competitors. By saying “wake words” like Alexa, you can make these smart devices do things like turn the lights off, play games and music, set reminders, place product orders, and more. These smart devices help make daily tasks easier and will continue to be used in the upcoming decade.   

Windows 10 (2015) 

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade

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Windows 10 absolutely rocks compared to other past Windows systems. It became the world’s most popular OS system, surpassing Windows 7 in January 2019. This new version of Windows offers more built-in security features and works seamlessly with existing apps. In its latest update, Windows 10 introduced Cortana, a voice-controlled digital assistant. The update also improved the multi-window feature, and launched The Action Center. This update has improved interaction for both desktop and touch screen users everywhere.

New Age of Video Streaming (2019)

ten biggest tech innovations of the last decade


Video streaming has been one of the most impactful innovations over the last decade. Through services like Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix, we have witnessed these streaming services being used by millions of users. They have completely changed the way tech companies reach their customers, releasing many new services like Disney+ and Apple TV. Now, people don’t need a cable subscription in order to watch great shows and movies. These streaming services and others will continue to rise in popularity throughout 2020.

The past decade has left its mark on the way people live their everyday lives. Through the latest operating systems, technology, apps, machine learning, and social networking, we have been introduced to a new era of technology. Not all technology is going to impact your life, but these top ten tech innovations have left their mark and will continue to grow in the upcoming decade.