The Best Tech Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy During Winter Break

The time of year that parents dread is quickly approaching. Winter break. When your kids are already sick of their new presents and the weather is too miserable to go outside. They sit in the house, bored, and whine all day that they have nothing to do (even though they received some of the best tech the world has to offer). But that doesn’t have to be the case.

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Utilize The Best Tech You Have For The Best Winter Break Ever

Here are a few ways that I use to keep my kids occupied during long stretches—and it involves the best tech you’ve got. Scoff if you will and call it the modern babysitter, but tech is the way to go … and it’s here to stay.


Challenge Them To A Video Game Battle

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Ok, so this method doesn’t give you any free time. But it does give you some bonding time with your kids and it will keep them amused for a few hours. Pick a video game and then challenge them to a game battle. If they win, they get pizza for dinner, an iTunes gift card, or something else that they want. And if you win, then they have to do extra chores or go to bed early. Make it fun! Build a couch cushion fort, pop some popcorn, make hot chocolate, and play all afternoon with them.


Buy Them A New App

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Did you know that tablets have some amazing art programs and apps? If your kid got a new one for Christmas and they’re bored with it already, purchase some art apps. They can spend a morning or an afternoon drawing, animating, or making other cool tech art.They’ll be fascinated and may even discover an art medium that they really like. Who knows, you might just kickstart a love of graphic or digital design!


Get Them To Make A Documentary

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All smartphones and tablets have cameras and video editing software. Fire up your kid’s imagination by telling them to create a documentary for you. It could be something as simple as “What the cat does when no one is looking.” Or it could be something complex like compiling video chats with their grandparents and getting them to talk about what you were like as a child. It will be interesting, educational, and keep them busy for hours if not days. As a bonus, they also get to experience the best tech that their new tablet has to offer and may end up with a greater understanding of that device’s capabilities.


Have Them Create Their Own Website

digital addicts best tech

Buy your kid a domain name and let them set up a blog or a website on their new computer or tablet. They will have a blast creating a layout, writing content, and figuring out how to make their website look cool.


All of these fun and entertaining activities will keep your child busy during the winter break. Let us know some of your winter break family activities in the comments below.