The Best Portable iPhone Charger Options

You managed to find parking and are now walking downtown for your job interview. You’re mind is going over everything you think they’ll ask when you realize you don’t know precisely where the building is. But no worry, you always have your iPhone. You’re just thinking how lucky we are to have technology when you look down and see your battery is in the red. Even on a low power setting, one call from mom and you’re dead in the water. If only you had a portable iPhone charger. We don’t realize how much we depend on our phones until it dies while you’re waiting on something important. Stay green and stay connected with the best portable iPhone charger for your needs. 

Best For Power:

Ravpower Portable Charger

This charger stores up to 11 days worth of power making it the most powerful for its price point. Three USB ports allow for simultaneous charging of multiple large or small devices. This iPhone charger comes in either black or white. 

  • Power: 32000mah (milliamp hours)
  • Size: 7”/3”/1”
  • Charges iPhone: 7x
  • Price: $71.99

Best Solar Charger:

Hiluckey Solar Charger

You don’t always remember to charge your phone. However, keeping your portable charger at full capacity will never be a problem with the four solar panels on this device. Use the sun or bright light into a battery power source.

  • Power: 25000mah
  • Size: 6”/3.4”/1.4”
  • Charges iPhone: 10+ (depending on light source)
  • Price: $47

Best For Price:

AiBocn Power Bank

If you’re on a budget but need a portable iPhone charger, this product may be for you. With this product, you can be wise with your money while still getting quality. This charger stands out from the rest with it’s Intelligent Safety Protection feature, which prevents your iPhone from being over-charged or to short circuit.

  • Power: 10000mah
  • Size: 5.4”/2”/.8”
  • Charges iPhone: 3x
  • Price: $12

Best For Size:

Jackery Bolt

This charger is convenient in size and delivers in performance. It lets you charge without the hassle of bulky wires taking up space. The lightning cable charges twice as fast as a standard iPhone cable.

  • Power: 6000mah
  • Size: 4.3”/2”/.9”
  • Charges iPhone: 2x
  • Price: $30

Best For Durability:

Fospower Poweractive

This rugged, heavy duty portable charger is great for the outdoors. It’s dust proof, drop proof, and can be completely submerged in water. It’s perfect for camping trips or natural disasters. If tough and sturdy is what you need, this is the charger for you.

  • Power: 10200mah
  • Size: 4”/2.5”/1.1”
  • Charges iPhone: 3.5x
  • Price: $26

Best Overall Portable iPhone Charger: 

Anker Powercore+

This is the best portable charger for its size, price, and power capacity. It’s priced competitively for its high performance. Also, it’s one of the highest speed chargers on the market, making it the best all around choice.

  • Power: 26,800mah
  • Size: 7/3.1”/.9”
  • Charges iPhone: 9x
  • Price: $70

Now you know the best portable iPhone charger options on the market to choose from. With the diverse selection available, you can take that call from mom and still have your phone to get you where you need to be. Whether you’re looking for convenient size, the right price, or raw power, you’ll be able to stay green, and most importantly, stay connected. Never be caught in the red again.

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