The Best Organization Apps To Help You Stay On Track

Our everyday lives are busier than ever, and there are only so many hours in the day. This leaves many wondering, how can we use technology to organize our lives? You have heard of organizational apps that help you scan business cards, set due dates, link to your Google calendar, and many other useful features. However, many apps combine many different and unique features to make things easier and more efficient. How do you know which app(s) are the best for you? 

Let’s take a look at some of the best management tools you can use on your smart devices. We will go over what the best apps are to help increase your free time and improve your organizational skills.

The Best Organization Apps

All of these apps are unique and offer many useful features that might benefit some, but not all users. When determining what is the best app for you, make sure you keep an open since some of the apps specialize in travel, time management, etc. 

1. Cozi

The Cozi app has families raving about its many useful app features. Since its release in 2006, the app has now over 17 million users, creating a unique twist on how the app can help families everywhere. Some of the most popular features include color-coded calendars for each person’s daily activities, creating to-do lists, recording store receipts, creating a family journal, and many others. The app is also free and does not require a credit card or any form of payment. 

2. Trello

Trello is an incredible app that allows you to clearly break up your daily or any activities into columns and groups. The app is better than most note-taking apps with its impressive features available in the list manager. The app is broken up into four main components. The first component is the board where you can store your tasks and collaborate with friends or colleagues. Next is the list where cards are stored that creates a workflow where you can adjust cards from start to finish. The third component is the card which represents an activity or task that needs to be completed. There are no limits to the number of cards you can have. The final component is the menu, where you can see all the activity that is done on the board and many other useful features.

3. Evernote

Evernote has proven to be the project management app that helps you get things done. With templates on the app, note-taking enables you to list notes faster and more efficiently. This app can integrate with many of the other apps on your smartphone, allowing you to save webpages, scan documents, and share documents with team members. Allowing your whole team to come together and work on notes accordingly.  

4. TripIt

This app is excellent for all you frequent travelers. All you need to do is book the flight, hotel, etc., and TripIt takes care of the rest. Just forward your confirmation emails to the app, and it creates an itinerary for all the trips confirmed. You can set reminders, get instant flight updates, and many other features that make traveling stress-free. The app can even search for hotels and restaurants during your traveling experience, so you are always one step ahead of the other travelers. 

5. Unroll.Me

The Unroll.Me app makes cleaning up your cluttered mailbox simple and complete in no time. This app can combine all the emails you receive into a clear inbox, filtering out the emails that you usually spend hours deleting. Some useful features include unsubscribing in one click, and combining multiple subscriptions into one email.

Which App(s) Should You Use? 

When choosing what organization app(s) you should use, you want to make sure that the app will cover the daily tasks of your everyday life. We all have different events that we do every day. Some may be travelers, business employees, or have a large family they need to manage better. Many apps have proven to help people stay on track with their many useful features. Take control over your daily activities and be proactive in organizing your life. 

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