The New Battlefield V Reveal Enrages Gamers

The trailer for Battlefield V was finally revealed yesterday. While most of the reaction from fans was good, there were some who were up in arms about one thing: historical inaccuracy.

Digital Addicts Battlefield V

BFV is set during World War II. This is the first time the franchise has gone there since the early days—well over a decade ago. Rumors of its time period had fans excited from the get go. The BF series has always provided gamers with excellent gameplay and nicely rendered graphics. As for time periods, they started with WWII in Battlefield: 1942 in 2002. However, that game was only released on PC and Mac. The franchise came to Xbox and Playstation with Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

The series has been to Vietnam, but has spent a good part of its lifespan in modern affairs (set in France, the Middle East, New York, Europe, China, and Russia). One incarnation, Battlefield: Hardline, took to the streets of Los Angeles and was a misfire due to its cop-and-robber style heist theme. Then, in 2016, Battlefield 1 returned the franchise to its glory. Situated during World War 1, it gave players the most immersive experience yet and set the bar for how multiplayer teamwork should be.

Historical Inaccuracy In Battlefield V Is Upsetting Gamers

Let me start out by saying that these are video games—“games” being the key word here. They aren’t text books. The makers aren’t trying to provide you with a history lesson. This game is for entertainment purposes. Video games like Battlefield V are created to give gamers an exciting, war-like, playing experience. So, why are some people upset? Well, the new trailer for Battlefield V features a woman in it. Yes, you heard me. A woman!

Digital Addicts Battlefield V

Now, I agree that placing a woman so prominently in their marketing campaign is a PC move—politically correct, not personal computer. And yeah, PC moves are annoying. The truth is that women did not, historically, play a major part on the front lines. However, I’m not going to get all bent out of shape over it and neither should you, because you know what else isn’t historically accurate? Getting shot to death 22 times and then respawning each time. Dying and getting revived in 1 second by someone stabbing you with a syringe. Surviving a plane or helicopter that crashes next to you. Getting set on fire and being good as new 30 seconds later. Oh, and this:

What Do You Think About A Woman Being Featured In Battlefield V?

While the naysayers are getting their panties all in a ruffle by the sight of a woman on the battlefield, I’ll be busy enjoying another great game with my squad mates. How about you? Are you bothered by any of this? Or are you as excited as I am for Battlefield V? Let us know in the comments section below.

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