Awesome Shows To Binge On Netflix!

There’s nothing more exciting than staying in and binge watching an entire show in one day. If you aren’t into binging or don’t know what to binge, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you like comedy or drama, we have some interesting Netflix picks that you’re sure to enjoy!

The Office

Almost anyone can tell you that The Office is a binge-worthy show. This show has a fairly simple premise and 8 seasons with 10~15 episodes each. The series is centered around the bumbling boss, Michael Scott, as he tries to maintain a failing paper company branch. Maybe the company should’ve done a background check first! He tries to make friends with his subordinates who want nothing to do with him. It features many actors and actresses who went into even bigger roles after appearing on the show. Specifically, John Krasinski who directed and starred in “A Quiet Place”. If you want a simple but fun comedy which will make you fall in love with the office setting, then go on Netflix to watch every season.

Bojack Horseman

If you’re a fan of raunchy comedies, then this Netflix Original is perfect for you! Bojack Horseman tells the story of a retired actor, and horse, from a popular 80s show. And his struggle to remove himself from stardom while getting the attention he thinks he deserves. It features tons of A-list actors playing various animals and humans, so don’t be surprised if you recognize some of the voices. Despite the crass nature of the show, it has some seriously deep messages and a great storyline.

Grey’s Anatomy

Starting in 2005 and still ongoing, this hospital drama focuses on the doctors and interns of Seattle Grace Hospital. Filled with very attractive doctors, you know there’s bound to be romance and love triangles. Along with the day-to-day stresses that come with working in a hospital. From broken romances to dying patients, this show takes a toll on you. It has dramatic stories and the cast changes often to keep it fresh. It’s a long journey but one worth taking, especially if you want something you can really sink a lot of time into. Grey’s Anatomy is addicting and lengthy, which is perfect for anyone who has the need to binge watch. With a new season coming soon, you’ll have plenty to watch!

American Horror Story

Currently, on its eighth season, FX’s American Horror Story has been entertaining fans for years. This show is an anthology series, meaning all the seasons are different but somehow connected. For example, the first season was Murder House which is pretty obvious. However, the third season Coven really stepped away from that. From ghosts to witchcraft to carnivals, this show has no boundaries. The actors and actresses are often recycled for different characters, while their other ones still exist. Many of them flawlessly play 2-3 characters a season. The series a blend of horror and drama, and you won’t be able to stop after one episode. You’ll instantly like each character and hope they make it out alive!

Orange Is The New Black

If you like prison dramas, then you’ll love this show! The storyline focuses on Piper Chapman, who got roped into a drug ring with her ex-girlfriend. The first season of Orange Is The New Black details her struggle with adjusting to prison life and the many problems within it. Between prison fights, missing her fiance, and the lack of real food (or mattresses), her struggle is real. Women are getting shanked, there’s betrayal for less jail time, and tons more! As the show continues, it focuses less on Chapman and more on the stories of the other inmates. You learn the reasons why many of these women were arrested in the first place. Some of them were murderers, drug smugglers, and even bank robbers. If you’re interested in a gritty prison drama with some comedy elements, this is the show for you.

With the fall season coming, this is an amazing time to start binge-watching a show! Stay in and find a show you love to help you through the long fall and winter season. After being outdoors so much this summer, I definitely don’t mind staying in and watching some tv. I highly recommend all of these shows, but feel free to explore your own options. If your child watches shows on Netflix, make sure to monitor their activity by using a remote spy app

Netflix is available on Google Play, the App Store, and Desktop. Make sure to check out for our other entertainment blogs!