Android Safe Mode: What Is It And How To Use It

What’s Android Safe Mode?

Safe mode on Android is a method of turning on the smartphone without having any third-party apps active. Typically, Android safe mode is used to help figure out why a cell phone might be slow or crashing. It’s basically a troubleshooting tool for your phone. The process of how to turn off and on safe mode Android is similar among many phones like Samsung, Huawei, and LG, running on Android 6.0 and up.

Below, are the processes of how to turn Android safe mode on and off.

How To Turn On Android Safe Mode

  • Step 1: Press your phone’s power button until Power off and Restart appear.
  • Step 2: Click and hold down the Power off icon until it prompts Safe mode.
  • Step 3: Tap on Safe mode and your Android phone will restart in safe mode.
  • Step 4: To make sure your phone is in safe mode, ensure that third-party apps like Instagram are colored gray, as displayed below, and that it says Safe mode at the bottom of your screen.

android safe mode

How To Turn Off Android Safe Mode

  • Step 1: Hold down your phone’s power button until Power off and Restart appear.
  • Step 2: Choose Restart to restart your phone back to normal.
  • Step 3: After it has restarted, check that you’re no longer in safe mode Android by seeing if you have access to all of your applications.

So, What’s Exactly The Issue With Your Phone?

As stated before, the purpose of turning on Android safe mode is to uncover the root of your phone issue.

When in safe mode, if your phone is running properly and fast, the likely cause of your issue is your applications. Check and uninstall recently downloaded and non-essential apps. Once you’ve done this, turn safe mode off and see if your phone issue has been resolved. If your phone has not improved, re-check to see if there are any apps you missed. After all of that, if your smartphone is still acting up, you can do a factory reset.

However, if your phone issue involves crashing or overheating, and it doesn’t work well in safe mode, your smartphone likely has an operating system or hardware malfunction. To solve this, you’ll need to contact your phone carrier and see if you can get a cell phone replacement.

That’s how to turn Android safe mode on and off. Next time your Android device is having complications, use safe mode to try to reveal the problem. Make sure to check out our other cell phone related articles!