An Evil Alexa Is Taking Over The World

Fox just released the official neXt trailer, which is their new sci-fi series premiering in 2020. The show will feature an evil Alexa, named Iliza who tries to take over the world. Does this sound ridiculous to you, because it did to me and then I watched the trailer.  Here are my thoughts.

Fox TV’s neXt

Just from the way Fox describes the TV show it’s hard to take them seriously:

“neXt is a propulsive, fact-based thriller about the emergence of a deadly, rogue artificial intelligence that combines pulse-pounding action with a layered examination of how technology is invading our lives and transforming us in ways we don’t yet understand.” -Fox TV

Like come on, what’s fact-based about a bootleg Alexa trying to control the human race? Lighten up guys, it’s not a drama. And I understand exactly how technology is transforming my life, my iPhone shows me my Screen Time every week. 2 hrs and 37 minutes, down 20% from last week, not bad.  And Siri calls me Boss Lady, she’s not trying to overturn the world and take control of my life, most of the time I have her disabled.

The Plot  

“Starring Emmy Award nominee John Slattery as a Silicon Valley pioneer, who discovers that one of his own creations – a powerful A.I. – might spell global catastrophe, and teams up with a cybercrime agent to fight a villain unlike anything we’ve ever seen – one whose greatest weapon against us is ourselves.”  -Fox TV

I will be shocked if John Slattery gets any future Emmy Award nominations after this catastrophe.  

neXt Trailer


Iliza isn’t just a knock-off of Amazon’s Alexa? The only difference is Iliza has an hourglass figure. (The sexier version of Alexa, but she’ll kill you) If I were Jeff Bezos I would sue Fox for ripping off the likeness of Alexa.  They even chose a similar sounding name. Come on people, can’t you get the slightest bit more creative? Don’t you have a team of writers and producers?

The Music

Did you hear the music? Are we watching a scary movie and the killer is in the house or is AI deleting my files? So dramatic! Don’t try to play with my emotions and confuse me into thinking this show has any potential. It’s ridiculous and your music is WAY over the top. Reel it in.

Random Thoughts

  1. John Slattery’s character seems like a real douche.  
  2. When Fernanda Andrade’s character says to the AI “give me back my files” I burst out in laughter.  Like was that a joke?
  3. Iliza seems like she is going to turn that poor kid into a mass murderer.
  4. Is anyone buying this?
  5. I’ve never liked any shows on Fox, I’m not surprised at all.
  6. The world has become a ridiculous place to live in.  
  7. I hope Jeff Bezos makes millions of dollars off of this somehow.  
  8. “Hello, I’m neXt. How can I help you?” is one of the most annoying things to listen to.   

It’s so bad it might just be good. It’s like a bad car accident that you drive past in slow motion. You can’t turn away. You have to watch the neXt trailer a couple of times to appreciate just how bad it is. I may have to tune in when it premieres in 2020 just to live tweet my anguish for how far fetched and overly dramatic it is. At least we can look forward to the memes that are sure to be created from this piece of work. Until then be super careful around your Alexa she may go and delete your files!

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