Amazon Prime Day: Big Deals, Big Sales, & Big Savings

The holidays may seem far away from now, especially if you’re looking forward to the sweet shopping deals on the things you love. But never fear, Amazon Prime Day is almost here. Prime Day will have you acting like a kid in a toy store and will feel reminiscent of those holiday deals you love.

This year, Amazon Prime Day will be held on July 16th at 12pm PT/3pm ET. The event will run for 36 hours instead of 30 hours like last year. Amazon has also increased their market size by having countries like Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Luxembourg host Prime Day.

What’s Included In Amazon Prime Day?

Similar to previous years, Amazon is giving prime members a large selection of products to choose from. Deals will be available in product categories such as Groceries, Toys, Fashion, Furniture, School supplies, Kitchen products, and more. Not only are you going to get amazing deals on most of the products they have, but you’re also going to get a much larger discount (double) on their exclusive gadgets. My only wish is that they use this same act of kindness for cell phone monitor software—a guy can only dream.

Amazon is taking Prime Day a step further by bringing deals to Whole Foods. The company says members of Amazon Prime who are shopping in Whole Foods will get 10% off. This will make food shopping even easier as it will be less expensive—even more of a reason to be excited for this great day (if you are a prime member, that is).

If you look at Amazon’s website, you’ll notice that they’ve started offering deals already (I guess they want to give customers a taste of the pie before it’s finished). And while I’d hate to state the obvious, unfortunately, these deals are only for prime members. Lucky for you, it isn’t hard to become one and take advantage of saving money this day

How Can I Shop On Prime Day If I’m Not A Member Of Amazon Prime?

If you want to partake in shopping on this day of deals, you can do so by becoming an Amazon Prime member. The retailer offers a one month free trial to all users who have never used Amazon Prime before. If you sign up today, you’ll be eligible to receive all the discounts that prime members are receiving.

The Wrap Up

Thanks to Amazon, deals that you were waiting for on Black Friday may come earlier this year. You now have the option to get some early Christmas shopping out of the way. What items or gifts will you buy this summer? Start Facebook messaging and texting your friends and family to see what they might want. Let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear what you’re going to buy on Prime Day.