Alexa Skills Blueprints Lets You Customize Your Amazon Echo Device

You can now program your Amazon Alexa device just like a real computer programmer thanks to the Alexa Skills Blueprints. The free online templates allow anyone to create their very own Alexa responses and skills—and it takes only a few minutes.

For those who don’t know, Alexa skills are basically apps for the Amazon Echo devices. Until recently, you could only “enable” skills created by Amazon or third party developers. And as with anything software, you needed to be able to code in order to create them. But no more!

Digital Addicts Alexa Skills Blueprints

The Alexa Skills Blueprints Are A Game Changer For The Smart Speaker System’s Fans

“You don’t need experience building skills or coding to get started,” says Steve Rabuchin, Vice President for Amazon’s Alexa division. The beauty is that any person, including your lovable ol’ granny, can make their own customized responses. They can even create their own questions to be paired with their answers. This can be just for fun or for something incredibly handy, like leaving instructions for baby or pet sitters.

Once a skill or response is made, it is immediately available on every Echo device registered with a person’s Amazon account. As of right now, there are just twenty-one Blueprints, but more are on the way. They are spread out over four different categories.

Digital Addicts Alexa Skills Blueprints

The First Four Alexa Skills Blueprints:

  • Fun & Games lets you set up trivia about a loved one’s birthday, roast a friend, create favorite jokes, and more.
  • Learning & Knowledge gives you the ability to create quizzes, flashcards for testing yourself on any topic, and facts to know for any subject.
  • At Home allows you to set up custom Q&As and information for houseguests and sitters.
  • Storyteller lets you create fairy tales and fables, as well as adventure and science fiction stories.

Available only to users in the United States (at the moment), the Alexa Skills Blueprints can be found on Amazon’s Blueprints website.

Not Everyone Will Love The Alexa Skills Blueprints

Of course, there are always those tech detractors who think that smart speakers are the government’s way to secretly spy on people. They also cite the multiple satellites and CCTV cameras around, as well as the influx of cell phone spy apps, as ways for “Big Brother” to monitor everyone. However, we here at Digital Addicts love everything tech, so we say, “bring it on!”

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