8 Fun Games To Play With Alexa

For many of us, Alexa can feel like a member of the household. You may not know this, your housemate (Alexa) comes equipped with lots of fun games. On top of asking her to play Arrianna Grande while you shower, you can invite her to your next house party. Impress your guests with something different. Go on a magical adventure or win on a game show with the most fun games to play with Alexa.

The Magic Door

The Magic Door is a fantastical choose-your-own-adventure game good for the whole family. Explore an entire magical world collecting treasures and solving riddles. There are nine stories to choose from. Explore a witch’s house, save monkeys from a tropical island, or take the garden path and help a princess find her crown.

The Magic Door Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Open The Magic Door”

Escape The Room

Just like the real-life version, you are trapped in a room, and have to escape. There are multiple rooms to choose from with rooms added all the time. Interact with different objects around the room. Search for clues, solve the puzzle and escape the room.

Escape The Room Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Open Escape The Room”

Would You Rather (Family)

This game is simple, you just choose between two silly situations. For instance, would you rather be attacked by a zombie or a shark? It’s up to you. The family-friendly version promises to keep it PG. Save the original game for when your friends come over later on.  

Would You Rather (Family) Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Open Would You Rather”


Test your trivia knowledge with this classic game. It’s the closest you’ll feel to being on the show without actually having Alex Trebec in your living room. There are questions from all sorts of categories taken right from the show. Just make sure your answer is in the form of a question.

Jeopardy! Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Play Jeopardy”

The Wayne Investigation

Another choose-your-own-adventure game, The Wayne Investigation lets you investigate the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, parents of Bruce Wayne. Make choices to solve the crime as you explore pre-Batman Gotham City.

The Wayne Investigation Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Open The Wayne Investigation”


Can you avoid becoming a member of the living dead? Based on the novel by James Shannep, Infected is a choose-your-own-adventure style zombie survival game designed for adults. Start with nothing but a baseball bat. Do you attack or do you look for supplies. Survive the zombie apocalypse in this action-packed game.

Infected Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Open Infected”

Beat The Dealer (Blackjack)

Do you need to practice before you hit the casino? Have Alexa deal you a hand for this classic card game. She’ll name your hand and one of her cards before asking you to hit, stand, or split. Don’t bust, beat her hand, and you win. Alexa will ask you want to play another round.

Beat The Dealer Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, ask the dealer to deal the cards.”

Deal Or No Deal

Just like the TV game show, you get 20 imaginary cases ranging from a penny to $1 million. Choose one and then start opening the rest of the cases. After you’ve opened a few, the round ends and you’ll get an offer from the banker. You decide: Deal or No Deal. Keep opening cases or accept the bankers offer to find out what was in your case.

Deal Or No Deal Alexa Skill Command: “Alexa, Open Deal Or No Deal.”

Next time you want to pass the time, ask Alexa to play these fun games. Escape the zombie horde with friends or compare silly situations with the kids. These are only a few of the fun games you can play with Alexa. To view all of the Alexa skills, click here

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