3 Reasons Why The New MacBook Pro Might Be Too Thin

Ever since the invention of the Surface, demand has gotten higher for thinner, lighter laptops, and the newest Macbook Pro is no different. The Microsoft Surface changed the game for the laptop industry, and now that people can have such a light device, no one wants to opt for an 8-lb laptop. That would just be impractical! But every consumer needs to learn more about laptop weight to make sure the latest and greatest doesn’t sacrifice their needs.

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There are a lot of people out there who love a thin laptop. It looks cool. It doesn’t weigh down a backpack. Plus, it’s trendy to have a small laptop. However, the consumer’s demand for a thinner laptop has resulted in a much different MacBook than consumers were used to 5 years ago.

Here are 3 main reasons the new Macbook Pro might be suffering from “weight loss.”

Loss of Ports on the new Macbook Pro

From 2011 to 2013, the MacBook Pro had a host of different ports. There was an internal disc drive as well, which made downloading CD’s or watching DVD’s a piece of cake. The demand for a lighter laptop has resulted in only 3 ports on the newest models. There are 2 Apple ports on the left, and a headphone jack on the right.

And yes, a hub can be purchased, which plugs into the ports on the left and gives the user more ports like the older MacBook Pro models, but now you’re looking at additional costs.

The Tiny Keys on the Keyboard

Another negative result of the demand for a lighter laptop is the super thin keyboard on the newest models of the MacBook Pro. It’s so thin that some users find it uncomfortable to type on. The 2011 MacBook Pro, for example, had thick keys with a lot of cushion that made typing a breeze. Those days are long gone. The 2017 and 2018 MacBook Pro models both have extremely thin keys, making typing more silent, but could result in more mistakes.

Sacrificing Internal Power

To understand how a bigger laptop can mean a more powerful machine, just look at the differences between the 13” and 15” MacBook Pro models. Besides the 2” difference in screen size, there is a huge difference in processing speed between the two laptops. Those wanting a more powerful machine (gamers, I’m talking to you) will always be forced to go with the more expensive model.

The Case for a Thinner Laptop

At the end of the day, the demand from consumers isn’t the only reason why Apple would want a thinner, lighter device as their flagship laptop. As technology advances, the trend is going towards lighter and more portable devices. If that means having a thinner keyboard or making a few other sacrifices, many consumers, and the producers themselves, seem to be all for it.

Someone who is going to be doing a lot of typing may want to steer clear of the newest MacBook Pro models, unless they plan on investing in a more ergonomic keyboard like I did. There are plenty of other laptop models out there with a thicker keyboard that make typing easier. However, with technology advancing, it won’t be long before a thick keyboard is a thing of the distant past. Whether or not these new laptops are too thin is something every consumer will need to decide for themselves.

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